CloudWick And The World Of Cyber Security

In today’s world, there is arguably no greater threat than online hackers and cyber criminals. As a result, companies, governments, and other organizations are looking for new ways to make their wireless networks and online operations as safe and secure as possible. To accomplish this, it has become possible to use what is known as a security data lake, which can consolidate all data from network, cloud, virtual, and machine sources and store it in a cloud.

Utilizing the latest technology, CloudWick has made it possible for companies to not only learn of online threats much faster, but also be much more efficient in addressing the concerns to avoid loss of data or other damage. To do so, a variety of technology is used. One of the most effective is the one-click correlation and search feature found on many CloudWick systems. Resulting in a much quicker and easier investigation of online threats and alerts, this feature has been demonstrated to be 40 percent faster than previous methods.

For many companies, one of the most common problems is having their systems infected with malware. When this happens, data can be corrupted and stolen quicker and easier than ever before. To prevent these situations from occurring, CloudWick allows for the use of sophisticated malware forensics. By using this advanced technology, businesses can know exactly where they were infected, when they were infected, and how much data was affected. In doing so, an incident response can be started much faster, enabling the damage to be limited.

Along with being protected against malware, companies that partner with CloudWick can also make sure they are in full compliance with federal regulatory requirements. By consolidating all metadata into one platform, custom dashboards can be created, enhancing system visibility. As a result, analytic platforms can be combined with machine learning models and algorithms to make data easily accessible, which can make system performance more effective and allow for easier troubleshooting when needed.

By taking advantage of these CloudWick features, companies can enhance their cyber security features, while at the same time making numerous IT functions much easier.