Traveling Vineyard Is Offering Great Working Opportunities

Being a mommy is full-time work. However, it will never pay your bills. This realization is making many mothers look for business opportunities that will allow them to work from the house while they take care of the home. Traveling Vineyard is one of the institutions that is getting a lot of attention from mothers.

Traveling Vineyard provides mothers and all the people interested in an opportunity to create a successful career at home. The business opportunity from the company comes with flexible hours, multiple hours of support and extensive training opportunities. All the independent sales consultants from Traveling Vineyard are offered a chance to spend some quality time with new and old friends while sampling great wines.

If you are working in the corporate world and planning to leave, it is important to consider some several features. Will you have a flexible work schedule? Are you distracted in the normal office setting? Do you consider yourself to be self -starter? Will you accomplish more if you do not have to commute daily? If your answer is yes, then Traveling Vineyard will offer you the solution you have been looking for.

Becoming a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard is just a walk in the park. The interested candidates will have to purchase the Success Kit at first. The kit will have everything you need to establish yourself in the business. The kit costs ninety-nine dollars, and it has brochures, order forms and marketing materials. There are several beautiful wine glasses and decanters inside the kit. There is wine carrying bags for the wine guides too.

For the first two wine parties, the candidates will be required to buy two sets for tasking. When you make two purchases, it means that you will have an extra set at hand at all times. The testing set is sold at seventy-five dollars, and the candidates can be assured of making some income at the end of the month.

After meeting all the requirements from Traveling Vineyard, the wine guides will be able to earn a fifteen to thirty-five percent commission. The commission earned will be based on the monthly sales a candidate has made. There will be other benefits for all the guides at the end of the month too.

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Success Academy Shining Brighter Every day

Success Academy is a free public charter network of schools founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006. Currently, the network has 41 schools with 14,000 students. The schools are redefining the meaning of public schools by providing world-class education curriculum. Success Academy has established its schools in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan. Even though the schools are open to every child, students from low-income households are the majority consisting 76 percent. Almost 9 percent are former and current English Language Learners and fifteen percent, special needs students.

Success Academy has a good track record in their students’ performance since it opened its first school. That can even be seen by the number of applicants they receive every year. The network does not compromise when it comes to discipline either.

Learning formula
Success Academy formula for learning is giving the students only eighty minutes of direct instruction every day. The rest of the time, the scholars are engaged in hands-on learning and small group instruction. This system gives the students opportunity for thinking work; as much as the formula is fun, it is meant to be deep and lasting. The network of schools believe that students have limitless potential to think and achieve a lot, so they give them the opportunities for discovering, engaging and inquiry.

Online platform
Success Academy in the quest of improving the American Education created an online platform that will enable them to share their curriculum with other schools. Success Academy Education Institute is expected to grow the footprint beyond the network. Eva Moskowitz, while launching the platform said that she noted many students across the country do not get the chance to learn the basic science and mathematics. Hence, her pursuit to be part of the solution to help those children; she believes the platform will be of a big help.

Charter’s win
Charter schools including Success were granted a win by the state appeals court after it ruled that the city cannot regulate a charter school’s prekindergarten programs. The win came after a long dispute that began when the city denied Success Academy kindergarten funding after they could not sign the contract the city provided.

Fighting Prison Violence with Securus Technologies

Over the last couple years me and my fellow corrections officers have seen a steady rise in gang violence in our prison. One of the contributing factors is the escalation of drugs and other contraband getting into the jails each year. Inmates will tell you that they can score just about anything illegal they need in jail easier than they could when they were roaming the streets. That alone was reason enough for me and my fellow officers to make a huge effort to stop contraband at the choke-point this year.


Securus Technologies is the leader in prison inmate call monitoring systems, having their units in over 2,500 jails around the country and growing. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that his employee base of 1,000 employees are all working hard for one objective, keeping the world safe. We decided we were going to use this company and their phone monitoring software to help cut down on the violence in our prison as quickly as possible. Little did any of us realize at the time exactly how essential this resource would be in our efforts to stop the flow of contraband into the prison.


Once all the officers in the prison were able to better understand how the LBS software worked, we got right to it. Within days we were able to pick up on some interesting chatter from an inmate who was requesting family to sneak in drugs to him on visiting day. On another call we discovered exactly how the inmates got their drugs and how they were hiding things in their cells each time we did an inspection. It only took us a few weeks to collect information to collect more contraband than we did in several months last year without the new Securus Technologies inmate call system.


David Giertz – Highly Successful and Reputed Financial Executive Based in the State of Ohio, United States

David Giertz is the man to reckon with in the financial sector of the country, and over the years, he has proven his acumen as a top business and financial executive. Currently, he serves as the President of the NFS Distributors Inc and helps the firm sell the financial products of its parent company, Nationwide Financials. David Giertz helps in developing and implementing the wholesale sales strategy that positively affects the sales figure. David Giertz has done MBA from the University of Miami and completed B.S. from Millikin University.

Not only is his educational qualifications highly impressive, he has the experience of over thirty years in the finance sector. It is what helps him understand the market trend and devise the financial and marketing strategy accordingly. Moreover, Giertz also helps in devising the financial products of the company as per the consumers’ need to ensure that the company is able to provide customers with products that would meet their requirements and suffice their budget.

In an interview with the famous Wall Street Journal, David Giertz talked about the results of the survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial Institute. In the survey, it was found that millions of people do not have social security attached to their retirement planning, and most of the financial advisors chose to simply discard social security as it is a complex financial addition that adds burden to the job of the financial advisor. However, David Giertz says that omitting social security from the financial planning can prove to be disastrous and can cause huge loss over a period of time that cannot be compensated with any other financial product.

David Giertz talked about the need of the people to be more aware and stay updated about the financial market and to keep their retirement planning up to date. David Giertz said that it is essential that people continue to diversify their investment portfolio and plan for long-term wealth creation on LinkedIn. He also mentions about the products offered by NFS Distributors that can help the people tremendously in their retirement planning and generate substantial wealth over a period with small monthly or yearly investments.

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Kim Dao’s First Day in Korea, Shopping In Gangnam


Kim Dao started off her day by leaving Japan from Haneda Airport in her Pokemon themed sweater and landing in Gimpo Airport in Korea ( After Kim got her luggage, she met up with her friend Sunny and they traveled by bus to Gangnam in Seoul where Kim rented an Airbnb. In Gangnam, Kim Dao started by eating Pokemon themed treats. Kim then went to Gangnam station and got Pokemon themed makeup from Tonymoly. She explains how the store clerks at Tonymoly jumped onto her straight away because they knew Kim would buy the makeup as she was wearing her Pokemon themed sweater Kim then continues her first day video by going over her second day as she did not do much after arriving in Seoul and didn’t want to have too short of a video. She returns to Gangnam station to continue her shopping from the previous day. She meets up with her friend Bambigirl and the two share lunch and then continue shopping and catching up with each other. In the evening Kim goes out for sushi followed by more shopping where she looks at Pokemon themed clothes and phone cases. Kim finishes her video by going into some details about her day and how she looks forward to meeting up with her friend Bambi girl back in Japan.Learn more :


Whitney Wolfe Of Bumble Launches Physical Location For People To Meet Up

Whitney Wolfe is a technology entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, where she completed a bachelor of arts degree program in international studies. Whitney Wolfe’s work experience before founding Bumble includes volunteering overseas in orphanages and working for a startup incubator company called Hatch Labs.

Whitney Wolfe would serve as vice president of marketing at Tinder, before leaving the company to create her own dating app called Bumble. Her dating app, Bumble is based in Austin, Texas and is one of the first dating apps to put women in control. At Bumble, only women can start up the first communication between a man and a woman.

The feminist approach to dating from Whitney Wolfe has empowered women in the online dating world. It also solves the age old problem of woman being harassed and swamped with inappropriate and lewd comments and photos. A research study of Bumble and other dating apps found that women faced far less harassment and filed much less complaints on Bumble than on other dating applications. To date Bumble has over 11 million registers users and is the number four most popular dating app in the world.

Bumble has just announced that it is launching what is essentially a first brick and mortar location for people to meet up and connect in real life. This location is called the “Hive” and has a Bumble honeybee theme all throughout. Bumble’s first “Hive” is in New York City and is open to the general public. If you want to check out the “Hive” for yourself it is found on 158 Mercer Street in the Soho Neighborhood of Manhattan.

The idea behind this launch is to create a place where people who connect through Bumble can go and meet up in real life. It is meant to be a place where dates can meet up as well as friends. The “Hive” will also hold special events throughout the year.

Is Marc Sparks a Real Social Entrepreneur?

Marc Sparks can be referred using many titles, but the one title that fully fits him is a social entrepreneur. For starters who don’t know who a social entrepreneur is, it’s a private developer who commits more to helping the community than making wealth for himself. While there are many characteristics that define Marc Sparks as a social entrepreneur, these are perhaps the characteristics that suit him most. First, most of his missions are aimed at helping the society without personal gain. Secondly, he is always on a mission to find new opportunities on how he can help people in the society. Furthermore, no obstacle can hinder Marc Sparks from realizing his mission. This is one of the characteristics that can be used to define a social entrepreneur. Finally, Marc Sparks helps people without expecting anything in return. These are just a few of the many characteristics that can be used to define a social entrepreneur.


Social entrepreneurs are motivated by many factors. This could be a failure earlier in life, and they want to prove a point. This is also the case for Marc Sparks who didn’t pass his high school education. He managed to graduate with a C grade and only proceeded for a diploma in college. For many people, this would seem like the end of their lives. As for Marc Sparks, this acted as a motivating factor for him. High school days are now gone, and Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur. To prove that anything is possible and anyone can succeed in life, Marc Sparks has authored a book called They Can’t Eat You. This book discusses tips for being a successful entrepreneur. Marc Sparks is perhaps well known for his role as a venture capitalist. This title means that he listens to other people ideas and determines whether they are worth funding. In one of these endeavors, Marc Sparks helps people realize their dreams through the Spark Tank Initiative. This is a program where people present their ideas, and the winner walks away with approximately $5000 in cash to fund their projects. The Spark Tank initiative for this year is currently accepting applications.


Mark Sparks makes his money through entrepreneurship, and he is the proud owner of several ventures. Some of these ventures include Fidelity Holding Bank, Eagle Premium Finance Company, and Eagle Underwriters. He has a special interest in investment banking, surety bonding as well as insurance. Other companies that Marc Sparks has been involved with include Surety $ Casualty Company, Great Southern General Agency as well as Jay Wireless Technologies. In the field of telecommunications, Marc Sparks has invested in Timber Creek Capital and Cardinal Telkom. He is currently involved with a company called Splash Media that deals with telecommunications.Learn more :


How Dr. Clokie Helps People By Rebuilding Their Bones

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a surgeon who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgeries. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1985 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in bone regeneration from McGill University in 1992. He excellent skills at dental surgery and breadth of knowledge have led to him being sought out for lectures and writing for publications around the world.

Currently, Dr. Cameron Clokie is the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Bioligics, Inc. in Canada. He performs surgery which includes coaxing bones to regenerate. He has also been the Head of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto.

During his career, he has also been a professor at the University of Toronto and has taught other dentists how to perform surgeries. Other professional roles he has fulfilled includes serving on the scientific advisory boards for a number of different corporations. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

As a leading oral surgeon. Dr. Clokie has made presentations around the world discussing regenerative medicine topics and bone reconstruction. He also holds 25 patents in both the United States as well as internationally that are involved with bone healing.

Clokie has helped a number of patients regrow bones. One patient was a 60-year-old man who had lost part of his jaw due to the growth of a benign tumor. Using adult stem cells, Dr. Clokie coaxed his jaw bone to regrow. The patient now has the jawline of a man half his age.

Another patient that regrew bone due to Dr. Clokie’s skills is a young lady who also had her surgery on her jaw due to the removal of a benign tumor.

If her jaw had gone untreated she would have developed a condition known as ameloblastoma which distorts the face and eventually causes the throat to tighten to the point where the person with this condition dies. Using bone growth technology, Dr. Clokie was able to correct her jaw and save her life.

Securus Technologies Inc. Leading Provider In Safe Communications To Prisons

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a company that provides technology resolutions to corrections, investigations, and public safety. They are the leader of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. They provide communication services for inmates and families that wish to keep in contact with their incarcerated loved ones. This service helps prevent crimes that are inmate based.


Samples of comments that was established from formal letters that they received from officials in prison who have the task in making the environment for those incarcerated safer state that this service improves day to day life for both prison officials and the inmates. Safety is the top priority for those in prison and the families outside of prison.


Securus Technologies, Inc. develops new products every week that helps the prison system protect and serve both inside and out. They receive thousands of letters and emails every week offering thanks for the help of their technological solutions.


Statements come in praising their services. Officials show their gratitude and state that they like their services and it helped them solve crimes and get the information needed from phone calls on the inside to get the proper warrants to push forward. This helps officials to cut down on contraband that is being smuggled and brought in from outsiders. The tools that Securus Technologies, Inc. have provide officials with ways to prevent harassment and potential threats down to a minimal inside.


They serve almost 4,500 law enforcment officials, public safety, and corrections agencies nationwide. Their company motto is to provide a safe place for inmates and families through communication services.




Heiligenstein Talks about the MoPac Project; A Significant Mobility solution

In a recent article addressed to the American-Statesman, Heiligenstein said that he agrees with their editorial. In it, the Statesman said multiple resources were needed to solve the mobility problems of the central Texas region.

How He Solves Mobility Problems

Through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Heiligenstein builds mobility solutions all the time. Sometimes these solutions are roads and sometimes they are not. For instance, he cited the 183A, a Toll Road that was built in Cedar Park and Leander.

The road has helped to transform the community, which has been experiencing exponential growth. He also mentioned a toll road between Austin and Manor. That road improved the non-toll roads while tripling the capacity that the previous road could handle.

His Opinion about the Mobility Authority and the MoPac Project

According to Mike Heiligenstein, the core responsibly of the Mobility authority is to innovate. The MoPac project is part of that innovation. It will use technology to manage traffic flow in the region.

However, he admits that the project will not be enough to eliminate congestion in the region. In spite of that, the technology will allow them to synchronize supply and demand so that traffic flow becomes predictable. The MoPac Express Lane will thus be designed to always be moving even when traffic has slowed down to a crawl during rush hour.

Technology as a Mobility Solution

According to Mike Heiligenstein, they incorporate technology into their project when they can into their projects. The plan to embed fiber lines into the roads, in anticipation of a day when cars will be able to talk to roads.

The Mobility Authority has partnered with a tech company to create a traffic app that works in tandem with the traffic monitoring system. That way, commuters can get real-time alternative routes.

Additionally, they are working with another company on an app that encourages carpooling. According to Mike , this was prompted by data, which shows that there are over 900,000 empty car seats daily in Austin.

Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent agency that was formed with the aim of solving the transportation problems of Travis and Williamson counties. They aim to be as innovative as possible in coming up with solutions.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein, who is the Executive Director, heads the Mobility authority. It can seek funds via means such as issuing bonds, taxes, and user fees to fund its operations and to repay bonds.