Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

When I think of successful people quite a few come to mind. But one that a lot more people should know about is Peter Briger. As the picture of success, he not only serves the board of Caliber schools but also is Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group. As a member of the board since November 2006, he has absolutely dominated the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress.Now this man isn’t done with his saga of success before he became one of Fortress’s many elites he spent his time serving Goldman Sachs&Co. In his 15 years there he became a partner back in 1996.

One can only imagine what he has in store for a company as powerful as Fortress Investment Group.I want to take the time to quote an old commercial here in saying but wait, there’s more. Peter Briger is such a surprising individual it’s amazing. For instance, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree from  the Princeton University and then had the determination to turn around and get his Master of Business Administration Degree from the Wharton School of Business, which is at the University of Pennsylvania.As if this wasn’t impressive enough he shows his level of determination when it comes to helping others.

Helping the people of San Francisco by joining an amazing non-profit organization called Tipping Point, which helps people of the area with low-income housing.And yet Peter Briger still finds the time to prepare students for success in the future which includes competitive four-year colleges and more.In conclusion, if you don’t know who Peter Briger is I strongly recommend reading up on him. This man is a public service and real estate guru all in one. At the end of the day, we all could take a lesson away from this mans success and maybe use it to contribute to our own personal successes someday.

Betsy Devos and Education Reform Movement

Betsy Devos believes in what she fights for and has proven that she will continue to fight for what she believes is best even now that she is the education secretary in the United States. Although she is not well-loved by all sides, she has proven that she can bring some people together with her polite ways and her discussions that reach people on both sides of school issues. However, a closer look reveals that Ms. Devos still fights most for those issues that have always been close to her heart.


Ms. Devos is married to Dick Devos, who was born into wealth and is also a rich man through his own means. Over the years, the Devos’s have donated thousands of dollars to causes that are most important to them. While the specifics of their contributions were not widely known for years, they have recently come to light, helping shed light on Betsy Devos herself.


In very early 2017, it was reported that Dick and Betsy Devos had donated almost $139 million to date to charitable causes. Plus, they had donated to political campaigns to a lesser extent. Charitable donations mainly went to causes that focused on education, providing a clear impression of what is most important to this family. According to Dick Devos, their giving has reflected their priorities.


It is certainly true that education has been a priority for Betsy Devos, and this is what helped her land her appointment as education secretary under Donald Trump. However, it is disappointing to her opponents when they see that she is not fighting for public education. Rather, she continues to fight for charter schools just as she did when she was still in Michigan.


This family has donated millions of dollars to charter schools and has helped build up the largest base of charter schools in the country in their Detroit neighborhoods. Additionally, Ms. Devos believes firmly in the necessity of letting parents choose where their children go to school whether that be a public, private, charter school or homeschool education.


The appointment of Betsy Devos was not without contention. Her hearings were filled with plenty of debates, and she was forced to admit that most students would continue to attend public schools despite anything she could do. Therefore, since her appointment, she has worked to bring the various sides together and promote educational unity throughout the U.S.


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The Chainsmokers Alex Pall’s Journey Towards Musicality And Stardom

The musical group known as the Chainsmokers has become well known in today’s music industry. The group only consist of two members one of which is the groups singer named Alex Pall. Alex’s background wasn’t in singing but actually it was in DJing. Djing has always been a passion of Alex while he was growing up in New York City. He also loved dance but nothing moved him more than DJing.

As Alex’s passion continued to grow he had a chance encounter with Andrew Taggart who is now the other member of this duo group the Chainsmokers. The two of them hit it off really well and begin making music together. It took Alex and his partner several years to find the right beat that could be identified as their own and that distinguish them from other DJ’s and musical artists.

Today Alex and his band mate have developed music that has transcended across age groups, nationalities and stereotypes. Alex has been quoted stating that he loves creating music that can reach other peoples lives on all levels. Alex’s dream is to continue to expand the musicality of the group. As they continue to reach a broader audience base here in the United States and abroad his dream fuels the desire be better and better. To be able to provide continuously new and fresh musical lyrics that have substance that the audience can relate to is what keeps him always on top of his craft.

Even when the group performs live or at concerts they are always trying to enhance the shows so that fans of the group can have a one-of-a-kind experience. Alex and his bandmate’s tenacity, drive and determination has been the key to propelling the group into the limelight and stardom.

In the music world things are always changing and therefore Alex is determined to change with the times. His humble beginnings and struggles has helped to shape and make him into the man he is today. Alex’s persistence, humility and pursuit of better has allowed him to reach heights higher than he could have ever imagined growing up.

Organo Gold: Producing Quaility Results For Happy People

One thing is for sure, you should celebrate life to the fullest. With Organo Gold available for those who are suffering from ailments, you can get your joy back with no problems. This special blend is originated by a businessman from the Philippines. In addition to tea, there is coffee and supplements added to the list. Frankly, Bernardo Chua has done an excellent job with creating a brand that is helpful to all generations. With his research and techniques, the businessman sought after those who wanted to regain happiness again. In 2008, he thought about what it would take to build a multi-level company.

Instead of using traditional ways to market, Chua brought in those employees that would not be afraid to tell their testimonies all of the world. As a result, stories have been all over Instagram and other social media sites about how well the product has made consumers feel for over a decade. As a reward, Chua promotes at seminars to help those that are struggling with selling the products find new solutions. As it turns out, those same people end up with awards and bonuses. In reality, the coffee and tea has a hidden ingredient that is made from a digestible mushroom.

Specifically, this mushroom, Ganoderma has made health issues diminish, and the value of life return back to its lovely state of priority for consumers. Through Organo Gold, you can have your own company and end up making millions of dollars. Most importantly, dreams unfold as consumers continue to drink the product as well as sell the product. For those who want to lose weight, there are supplements waiting for you through Organo Gold. In some cases, a person doesn’t have the energy that they once had because of their weight gain. With these products added to your weekly regimen, you will notice the difference in your life and the lives around you.

Talkspace Helping People Deal with Mental Illnesses in Privacy

Mental illness can disturb your life in ways more than one, and if you feel that your mental health is deteriorating, then it is time you visit a therapist. Visiting a therapist is a headache for many as it can be expensive as well as too personal for many. If you are one of those who feels hesitant opening up in front of a stranger then maybe discussing your issues with a therapist online or over the phone is a good idea. It is where Talkspace comes in. It is one of the latest apps in the market that has gone viral among the people due to the futuristic features and concept it has brought to the people. With Talkspace, you can consult with the professional therapist right from your home or even on the go at a fraction of the price that you would otherwise pay for a consultation with a therapist in office.

Talkspace is one of the leading online platforms that allow people to consult with the professional therapists online via text or call and even through a video call. Talkspace doesn’t charge people an exorbitant amount of money for a consultation with the therapist. Moreover, every therapist at Talkspace is professional and licensed. You can be sure that there would be no difference in the counseling you get at Talkspace from that you would have gotten at in-office counseling. If you think that any symptoms of depression or anxiety are overwhelming your life negatively, then do not delay and log on to Talkspace today before it is too late.

If you are afraid that Talkspace would cost a lot, then don’t worry as it is one of the most affordable platforms online to help you consult with professional therapists. But, it is not always about the money as people are afraid to come out and speak about it because of the stigma attached to it. It is the reason why Michael Phelps has come forward and associated himself with Talkspace. He wants to make people known that there is no shame in accepting that you have a problem and seek treatment before it gets worse and starts affecting your life.

Mike Bagguley, Redirecting Barclays’ Profitability

In June 2016, Mike Bagguley was selected to fulfill the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Barclays PLC. Barclays prominently represents a key figure in the history of the UK’s banking and finance industry. The move was designed to solidify the company’s profitability mode and extend its reach as a global leader. Previously, Bagguley was the COO of Barclay’s Investment Bank. And before that, he was in charge of the macro markets division.

In this role, Bagguley was tasked with remodeling a profit margin impacted by market deficits. These deficits were caused by fluctuating interest rates and a decline in commodities trading. Barclays was once the industry leader in investment strategies, but the overall effect of stricter enforcement of regulatory issues, as related to trading revenues, caused a dramatic decline in profit. As head of Operations, he restored Barclays to its former glory by reducing overhead and finding more productive ways to protect assets.

Mike Bagguley was promoted to COO  to restructure the bank’s revenue margins and take a closer look at creating a leaner, more efficient model. Bagguley was already accustomed to narrowing costs, but now he has assumed a much larger role in determining how to best deal with the market volatility. Overall volatility has been a leading factor in starving profit revenues. Mike Bagguley graduated from the University of Warwick in 1988 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics. As the COO of Barclays since, Bagguley continues to compile experience using his college background.

The executive position of Chief Operating Officer isn’t his only commitment to the institution. Mike Bagguley also serves as Managing Director Global Head of the United States Derivatives/the Forex trading platform for Barclays Capital. Plus, in 2013 he was selected as unconditional authority of Barclays Capital Forex franchise.

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings was voted the best bank in Kenya in 2008 with an award for Excellence in the region.

The company is part of the EGHL conglomerate which is worldwide and has billions in assets across the world.

Equities First Holdings continue to strive for excellence each and every day, not only in the Kenya region, and surrounding areas, but across the world as well.

Equities First Holdings will continue to do their very best to make each and every one of their customers feel like the company is the one they can trust to do their business with.

Stream Energy Goes Beyond Simple Charity

Operation Once in a Lifetime was a Dallas-charity event aimed at supporting veterans both financially and morally. The event was just one of the many philanthropic pursuits of direct-energy seller Stream Energy. Stream is devoted to giving back to the community, it is something that everyone working for the company is adamant about. But with Stream it does not stop at the allocation of funds. They go even deeper. For Operation Once in a Lifetime instead of just paying for the event, they also donated transportation to ferry veterans to the event who could not go on their own.

Stream Energy has found much success since its founding in 2005. The direct-energy seller born in Dallas, Texas has expanded to seven states. It’s offered service has also expanded from oil and natural gas to mobile plans and home security. Its mobile and home security services are enjoyed nationwide. Despite this success Stream Energy has never lost one of its core value, to give back to the community around it. In fact, Stream is so adamant about their philanthropy they made it part of their business. The company launched Stream Cares, a philanthropic wing of the company concerned with the management of their charity. Stream Cares supports the community around it, allocates Streams charitable funding, and keeps up relationships with organizations like Habitat For Humanity, Hope Supply Company, and Red Cross. The company is dedicated to aiding the homeless problem in Dallas. Stream Cares has already facilitated numerous events with Hope Supply and other organizations to provide aid and relief to homeless families.

Corporate philanthropy is a new development for the business world. The idea of making charity part of the business model is ideal on many levels. Besides benefiting the community and increasing the quality of life, it makes the company look very good. Business may lure potential customers in knowing that through their business they are helping other people. For this purpose, many in the business world are focusing on charity a little more. Their motivation is not completely selfish, in the case of Stream Energy they really are passionate about helping other people.

Fagali’i – Gateway to Paradise

Fagali’I Airport is a small airport with a big job to fulfill. The people of the island of Upolu depend on Fagali Airport every single day as it is the main means of arriving and departing the island as well as the main commercial transportation center. The airport is served by five airlines and offers both inter-island service around Samoa as well as international connection flights via Pago Pago and America Samoa airports. The modern terminal is bright, spacious and well appointed. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, with a warm smile, and a generous attitude. Read more about Fagali Airport at Wikipedia.

Fagali’I is located about five kilometers southwest of the islands major population center the city of Apia. Apia serves as the island capital and is the thirds largest Samoan city. Apia is located on the northern coast with a stunning view of the larger Savai’i Island and the South Pacific. Located just outside of Apia is the Royal Samoan Golf Course, which offers world-class golfing. The city is a cultural hub of exciting activities including museums, classical churches, large luxury hotels, nightclubs, gourmet restaurants, beautiful nature areas, and more. Shopping abounds and there is always something to do.

Elsewhere on the island, you will find breathtaking blue lagoons, white sand beaches, deep sea pools, and unspoiled forests. Small villages keep traditional lifestyles of the Samoan people alive, and tourist destination showcase art, music, and food. No matter what you love to do, you will find an activity on Upolu to satisfy your interests.

When booking your Upolu Samoan vacation, you will discover that there is more to explore, more to experience, and more to love. Without a doubt, after just a few hours on the island, you will also discover that there is a reason why they call this paradise on earth. Talk to your travel professional today about Upolu and Fagali’I Airport, your gateway to paradise.

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Adam Milstein

As a seemingly lesser-known individual, Adam Milstein continues to grow in the eyes of several communities by spreading awareness of the Jewish communities. With countless dividing and devastating moments in history even up to this point in time, people are still facing the harsh and detrimental problems of the world. One of them, the Jewish community suffering from a seemingly decent amount of trouble.

Adam Milstein, a very talented and arguably one of the most determined philanthropist in contemporary times is an industrious and determined activist who shows great amounts of philanthropy throughout his career. He is well known for his involvement in presenting the Israeli community and all that is good about them, while also making it clear the horrific tragedies that occur in their troubled societies. In his earlier years of activism, he and his wife Gila founded a corporation known as “Adam and Gila Milstein Family” where the firm provided charitable services for those in the Jewish community that suffered from a lack of rights. This firm is seen in various countries around the world, such as countries in the Middle East and most commonly in the United States. Nevertheless, the firm services Jewish minorities all across the world, including other establishments that aid and partake in the assistance of the Jewish people worldwide.

Making it a full-time job, Adam Milstein exudes his interest in the Jewish community by showcasing and presenting it in his own media outlets such as his website and social media. And in addition, he uses others to write blogs and showcase himself and thus spdread the message of what he stands for. He provides people that follow him on Facebook and other social media with motivational comments and quotes by presenting the people of the Jewish communities as a simple and humane group just as everyone else. Adam Milstein shows a mass of videos and photographs with quotes that expose the need for help the Jewish community requires.

Adam Milstein continues to voice his opinion and a great need to serve the people of the Jewish community by making appearances on various websites and taking the title as the author of a worldwide organization known as JNS, the “Jewish News Syndicate.