Kim Dao’s First Day in Korea, Shopping In Gangnam


Kim Dao started off her day by leaving Japan from Haneda Airport in her Pokemon themed sweater and landing in Gimpo Airport in Korea ( After Kim got her luggage, she met up with her friend Sunny and they traveled by bus to Gangnam in Seoul where Kim rented an Airbnb. In Gangnam, Kim Dao started by eating Pokemon themed treats. Kim then went to Gangnam station and got Pokemon themed makeup from Tonymoly. She explains how the store clerks at Tonymoly jumped onto her straight away because they knew Kim would buy the makeup as she was wearing her Pokemon themed sweater Kim then continues her first day video by going over her second day as she did not do much after arriving in Seoul and didn’t want to have too short of a video. She returns to Gangnam station to continue her shopping from the previous day. She meets up with her friend Bambigirl and the two share lunch and then continue shopping and catching up with each other. In the evening Kim goes out for sushi followed by more shopping where she looks at Pokemon themed clothes and phone cases. Kim finishes her video by going into some details about her day and how she looks forward to meeting up with her friend Bambi girl back in Japan.Learn more :