The Political World Through the Eyes of End Citizens United

History & Background of End Citizens United

In politics, there is no denying how difficult and confusing it can get to the average individual in the United States of America. In fact, this has been one of the leading causes of a historically low voter turnout in recent election memory. In such a crucial time in the history of the United States, the confusion and challenges that politics in general has in it has drastically changed the way politics is portrayed. The fact that the people of America are desperate for change but still hesitate to vote due to lack of knowledge speaks volumes on the way the political world is set up. Wheather one is on the side of change or no change when it comes to the way the United States is governed, the one thing that is for certain is that it needs to be simplified. Why is all of this important to understand? This is important to understand because it allows us to view political committees who are determined to accomplish this task, such as the prominent End Citizens United political committee. Also known as a PAC, the End Citizens United political committee has been working to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Without getting too specific on that decision, simply put, End Citizens United is on board with changing and simplifying the way politics works. So, to further understand the works of this PAC and how they have been successful, here is more on End Citizens United and some of their successful ventures in politics.

More on End Citizens United & Endorsing Candidates

As hinted at before, there are many ways End Citizens United has contributed to change in politics. In many ways, they are seen as one of the more highly-regarded PACS in all of politics. Having said that, this is why it is very important for the committee to elect the perfect political candidates. In fact, in an article by in the PAC and this topic, explains how the committee is only endorsing candidates who promise to not take corporate money. If this does not show how determined End Citizens United is for change, who knows what else does? Put in other words, the fact that End Citizens United is specifically endorsing candidates who will not be influenced by the current political “rulers” shows why they are one of the most successful committees in political history.

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End Citizens United and Conor Lamb Generate Buzz in PA Special Election

     We are living in what can almost be considered unparalleled times. The political climate in the United States is something that the world has not seen in the modern era and there is concern that things will get worse unless a progressive turnout during the 2018 election cycle makes an impact. Right now there is renewed optimism and hope directed toward the March 13th special election being held in Pennsylvania between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone. While this is a traditionally red seat, there has been reason for progressives to be optimistic and Lamb is starting to look like a real challenge for the position. One of the big reasons for Lamb’s ascent of late has been an endorsement from a huge progressive movement known as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is being run by Tiffany Muller and their primary goal is to bring out the progressive vote in order to try and coerce a change in the most important legislative positions in the American government. The name ‘End Citizens United’ refers to the 2010 Supreme Court case revolving around a conservative propaganda group named Citizens United. The conservative Citizens United decision essentially opened the floodgates for dark money and lobbyists to come flooding into Washington D.C. Muller and her team wants legislators in place that are going to be willing to fight for legislative change in order to overturn this consequential amendment.

Conor Lamb has already espoused enough belief in campaign finance reform that he has won the endorsement of Muller and her team. This endorsement will allow Lamb to take full advantage of End Citizens United’s epic grassroots network, thus helping to get his message out and into the world. Lamb will be going up against the Republic money-making machine and as a result, he’ll need all of the help that he can get. Republicans just a week ago put in over $1.5 million for TV attack ads against Lamb, showing that even they are starting to fear what the moderate progressive candidate can bring to the table.

Lamb himself has been able to generate a lot of buzz of his own accord. Lamb is about as close to a moderate as you are going to find in this political climate and he has espoused his belief in bipartisan work in Washington. Lamb has massive outreach to labor unions and rural Pennsylvania and his attachment to End Citizens United will only help that even more.

The special election in #PA18 is shaping up to be a showdown between the grassroots and corporate special interests. Proud to support Conor Lamb!

Posted by End Citizens United on Friday, February 9, 2018


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Not How to Write, But Why to Write the Perfect Resume

Okay, are we able to speak frankly about…your resumes? it truly is proper, your resumes. As in plural. As in a couple of. due to the fact how many jobs are you applying for? a couple of? Bingo.


What little hair i’ve left on my head stands on cease when a client tells me they have got sent out their RESUME to dozens of various places and were given no reaction. Of path they got no reaction!


each job posting represents an organisation with a trouble. that is what a activity is, in essence. it’s a business with a problem searching out an answer. You need to be that solution. The aspect is, every hassle is exceptional. perhaps they want to increase. perhaps they need to faucet new possibilities and need a person to assist them do this. maybe they are replacing someone who retired. every trouble is unique with a exceptional set of needs and requirements. Your activity is to discover what desires there are. Your resume is a income brochure that ought to convince that agency that you are the answer to their problem. however you have to understand what the trouble is! How can it promote you as a solution in case you don’t have a clue why the job is published and all you have to provide is a one-size-suits-all file?


consider for a second that you are a door to door salesman who sells gear. however you only have one tool for your container- a screwdriver. certain, you can pressure a nail with a screwdriver. And you will be capable of persuade Mrs. Jenkins at her front door to buy your screwdriver if there’s no other tool round for using her nail. however you’re darn positive going to get beat out via the first man or woman who comes to her door with a hammer.


Now you assert, “Wait a minute, Carey, i am only one individual with one set of experiences. How can…” I understand, I recognize. i’ve heard it hundreds of instances. And the solution continues to be the equal. you may. you could flip your one set of reports, training, abilties and history right into a dozen one-of-a-kind, notably centered resumes that awareness like a laser on a particular task opportunity. you will be the individual at Mrs. Jenkin’s door imparting her the exact tool to restore her hassle at the same time as all of the others stand round with a hammer hoping to discover a nail.


this newsletter isn’t always approximately the way to write a resume. That subject matter is for another session. this article addresses the “Tao” of resumes. What they may be for and why you need to keep in mind that. The cloth here should be understood before every body attempts to write down a resume.


however first, permit’s talk approximately what resumes are for. And it is now not what you have been instructed.


eight seconds. that’s all you have. while your resume hits the arms of that overworked, underpaid HR “gatekeeper” whose job is to display one hundred twenty five candidates for a function that changed into just published the day gone by, you need to comprehend that your resume wishes to make a primary cut in about 8 seconds. about as long as a failed bull rider stays within the saddle at a rodeo.


i’ve visible more terrible resumes than my doctor has seen horrific prostrates. And in truth, a few days I desire i was the physician. do not make a resume like the ones. here’s a way to make that eight 2d reduce.


  1. feel. Your resume hits the “gatekeeper’s” fingers earlier than it hits the attention. It should be on crisp, clean heavy weight RESUME paper. Spend the money. make certain your paper is off-white or light beige. smooth on the eyes. DO no longer try to “stand out” with some sort of bizarre coloration. if your resume can’t stand on its content, the paper won’t make any difference. Oh, and high-quality paper comes with a “watermark”. Years ago I found out the tough manner that paper with a watermark has a the front and a again. don’t print it backwards. if you don’t know what a watermark is, Wikipedia has an amazing clarification.


  1. stability. Huh? I mean the stability of black and white. earlier than I even study the content I maintain the resume out an arm’s length away and study the overall balance of text to area. Margins, font size, widespread readability. Too often human beings try to cram a existence story onto an 8 half of by 11 inch piece of paper. If it looks as if it will hurt me to examine it, i will simply pitch it and pass directly to the following one. Did I possibly pitch the maximum outstanding candidate ever to grace the door of my business enterprise? maybe. but keep in mind, i’m that overworked, underpaid H.R. gatekeeper and i do not supply a crap. you are long past.


three. length. Are there too many pages? Come on. that is an entry level companion job in the engineering branch. we’re looking to hire a sparkling university grad. nobody has a valid motive to present me a 3-page resume. I couldn’t supply a squat that you have been a sandwich artist even as in junior high faculty. just tell me the relevant facts why you are the only to remedy my trouble!


adequate, now in spite of everything that, I just may start studying your resume. consider my motivation. i have a large pile of candidates; one hundred twenty five to go through this morning for one process. What am I seeking out in those resumes? Do you suspect i’m rooting for each one to be a real winner? Do you believe you studied i hope every one I choose up could be the one? No. What i’m searching out is the most piddley little cause to reject you. I need to trash your application packet! Why? because i’m a sadistic, evil little H.R. minion who loves rushing human beings’s hopes and goals? nicely perhaps, but if not I sincerely am a bit H.R. minion who is overworked and underpaid and the fine manner to find 6 or 8 finalists out of this pile of resumes is to discover a reason, any motive, to reject maximum of them inside the first 8 seconds. that means you can be Jesus Christ and Mohammad all rolled into one and in case you do not know the distinction among there and they may be, the business enterprise will forego the pride of your carrier.


In other phrases your resume have to not best sense and scent right, it should examine proper. There genuinely ought to be no spelling or grammatical mistakes. 0. Zilch. Nada.


The trouble is, maximum folks cannot write worth a rattling.


generations of non-schooling in america’s public colleges is a topic Carey Rundel has loads to say about, however possibly it is higher left for once more. meanwhile the sad reality is, the majority of ultra-modern resumes have evident mistakes in spelling and grammar. And don’t even get me began on cover letters. Oh yeah- we’re going to cowl cowl letters. proper grief. in which can i sign on to be that proctologist once more?


at the very least, PLEASE supply someone else your first draft resume to read ALOUD. pay attention cautiously and you will capture plenty of mistakes you may leave out by way of simply reading. Louis Brandeis as soon as said “there’s no such issue as right writing, most effective true rewriting.” it is maximum surely the case for resumes and cover letters. that is a manner. You have to no longer hand a resume to a prospective organization with out it having gone through at least three exams and revisions. but now, directly to the content.


yes, content material from the perspective of the applicant this time. we have already determined that, from the perspective of the company, this resume is supposed to screen you out. what is your resume intended to do out of your angle? Its sole purpose is to put out the motives why you’re the candidate to resolve the business enterprise’s hassle…and get you an interview. How will it do that?


it’s going to do that due to the fact you have accomplished your studies. you already know the process you need and you’ve got a copy of the process posting. you’ve got read all of the requirements and qualifications. and you’ve got drawn upon your inventory of abilties and experience to craft- sure, CRAFT a resume particular to the job and targeted on answering the agency’s need. you have a document that proves you’re the answer to her hassle.


i exploit the word “craft” deliberately. Writing is a craft requiring practice and improvement. however again, directly to the content material.


at the very least a resume is a record outlining:


  • Your touch facts


  • The task you want


  • Your educational qualifications for it


  • Your work experience for it


  • different assisting voluntary and ancillary revel in for it


it truly is it. simple, to the point, slam, bam, thanks ma’am. One web page. focused. centered. A laser beam directing the possible enterprise to the most crucial information displaying how you may remedy his hassle. permit me just contact on a number of the bullets above to flesh out the bones. there may be an entire e-book in each of them, however i’m able to attempt to preserve it to a minimum.


the whole lot is set 12 factor times New Roman. Do not try and impress via status out. If it looks weird, Minion will trash it.


touch facts:


top header. Your call, deal with, telephone and electronic mail.


  • focused or justified proper. no longer to the left.


  • professional grade e-mail. “”, yes. “”, no. Oh, and cast off that damn hyperlink earlier than you print the resume.


  • As a long way because the phone goes- I can’t tell you what number of potential applicants i have attempted to name for an interview appointment most effective to be assaulted by way of a few kind of head banging rap rather than a hoop tone. And if someone else is at the range you leave, please make sure that they’re sober and awake in the event that they pick out up. and then there are those whose voice mail box is full and can not accept any greater messages…or those whose voice mail message sounds like they recorded it while stoned… I just dangle up and move directly to the next candidate.




  • listing your schooling in reverse chronological order. that means maximum latest to oldest. when you have university classes you do not want to listing high college. list any stages and credentials along with the training in which you obtained them.


  • when you have not but graduated it is adequate to listing the expected date of commencement.


  • it is true to list guides you have taken which are relevant to the task. don’t listing route numbers, just listing their titles so the reader can get a great concept of the training you’ve got had.


work revel in.


this is the biggie. again it have to be listed in opposite chronological order (modern day to oldest).You likely don’t want to move again greater than 10 years. take into account you manage the content of your resume, no longer your employer. You do not necessarily need to list the whole thing. make sure to pick best what’s relevant for the activity you are specializing in.


Now we come to my largest peeve; resumes that list previous employment and simply tick off a listing of responsibilities at each process. seems like 90% of the resumes available. And it is absolutely the wrong thing to do.


right here’s the cash factor:


If i am an agency who has a hassle and i’m looking for a person to clear up it, I do not supply a crap what you probably did in your previous jobs. I only care what you can carry to THIS job to solve my trouble! Do you notice the distinction? I just need to know what price you’ll convey me in exchange for all those wages and advantages i am paying you. how will you structure your resume to deal with that?


right here’s wherein your homework comes in. you’ve got researched the task. you understand why it’s available. what the requirements are. you could articulate the hassle the business enterprise has and you could give an explanation for why you are the solution. Now you may take each beyond job you’ve accomplished and list them at the resume in opposite chronological order. Then you could listing responsibilities you finished on those jobs…however in a way that factors out the fee you added to that job and how the abilities, knowledge and skills you used there will transfer to this function! you’re making it blatantly apparent that the things you did in your previous employment are precisely the matters I want to resolve my problems now! you can do that even if you have to list that sandwich artist activity in junior excessive. there’s some thing you did at that job that shows that you are the right candidate for this job. You just have to discover it and tell me approximately it.


here’s an example:


assume the job you want is a 911 dispatcher with the police branch. you’ve got finished the studies- they’re increasing and hiring a 2nd dispatcher to work the night shift with the current night dispatcher and you meet the minimum qualifications. you have got the job posting and you know that they may be seeking out a person with excellent communication capabilities, exact listening talents, interest to detail and capability to prioritize. In reality you’ve got even called the station, were given through to someone at the hiring committee and found out that fluency in Spanish could be a plus. good for you- it truly is the Carey Rundel manner!


antique resume job listing:


Janitorial carrier, Newman college District, Wichita, KS, 2003- 2005


o Mopped floors


o cleaned rooms in line with instructions


o labored with other janitors


o Made certain rooms have been locked


uninteresting! And relevant how?


New resume job list:


Janitorial provider, Newman college District, Wichita, KS, 2003- 2005


o accountable for cleanliness, sanitation and protection of 32 lecture rooms


o appropriately fulfilled written and verbal commands from shift supervisors each night


o Communicated successfully with colleagues the use of each English and Spanish


o Ensured that every room became precise and ready for tomorrow’s class in a well timed way


Now you have to admit that being a janitor at a college would normally no longer be considered a incredible heritage for a profession exchange to a 911 dispatcher. but take a look at that second resume snippet. does not that communicate nicely of this individual’s ability within the new task? See the trigger phrases that in shape the activity posting? responsible- correct- communicate- element- Spanish- well timed. compare that to the first listing. sign her up right now! the first listing may be an honest illustration of her duties however it would not sell a damn thing. the second one listing is an sincere representation of the equal responsibilities however it definitely sells the candidate! lamentably the primary list is normally what we get.


So allow’s recap.


The Tao of resumes boils down to these few points:


o A resume is a centered, particular sales instrument targeted on getting you past the Minion’s eight second test.


o you have got total manage of its content and presentation.


o it’s far written for one specific process.


o it is a device you operate to get an interview.


o it is a tool the corporation uses to not come up with an interview.


o It ought to be, as Mary Poppins placed it, “almost ideal in every way.”


o Sorry.


o No grammar or spelling mistakes.


o One page. At maximum two simplest if you are a seasoned expert.


o includes only applicable, focused statistics that SELLS you for that one job


o Crisp, easy, clean to study


o Feels desirable inside the hand


If you may pull all this collectively, you may simply get beyond Minion’s 8 2d check and onto the “in addition consideration pile. There you pass. proper good fortune.

Best Weight Benches For Home Workouts

The best weight seats for home activities must be picked carefully. For one, placing assets into something that does not pass on the comfort and quality you require is just an abuse of money. Weight seats are the focal point of any home exercise focus. In case you have to take in additional about the best weight situates that are fitting for home activities read on.

There are an extensive variety of styles in weight seats available today. Some are level, some have diverse modifications, some are helpful with even wheels, and others fuse even bars for dumbbell and bar ringer lifting.

Here are the best weight situates that give off an impression of being uncommonly outstanding today for by far most:

Ironmaster Super Bench

o This remarkable contrasted with other weight situates around and it comes exceptionally proposed. This is the best pick honest to goodness weight lifters there. Appeared differently in relation to various brands, these are all the more spending arrangement pleasing. They are totally portable and it empowers you to do dives and draw ups.

o These are ultra sturdy weight situates that are to a great degree versatile. The additional associations (dive handles and draw up bar) are features that are not yet available on other weight situates in the market.

Body Solid FID 225

o This is a weight situate that folds viably giving straightforward, supportive limit. It is furthermore solid and has a lessened size with incredible padding. It has worked in wheels that allow basic flexibility and portability. A helpful weight situate with wheels can be to a great degree valuable while moving around.

o Body Solid FID 225 is valuable for doing dumbbell rehearses as it empowers you to roll out improvements as per 7 various review positions. It has a venturing stool style back help that is adequately sturdy for certifiable weight lifters.

o Do you know what the best part is? With each one of these features and comfort that Body Solid FID225 brings, it doesn’t come costly like whatever is left of its accomplices.

Straight Dumbbell Bench

o If you’re after somewhat, humble anyway incredibly adaptable seat for dumbbell work out, this is the best choice for you.

o This is a champion among other weight situates that will suit your home exercise. It has a preservationist estimate, thick padding, optional dumbbell stands and an uncompromising vinyl that you will unmistakably adore.

o You can alter it from upright, level and evangelist situate. Subsequently, giving a nice motivation for your money.

Each weight lifting seat recorded above is a victor in regards to the idea of create, basic of adjustment, robustness, cost and specifically, ergonomics. You can’t ask for much else.

There are many weight seats accessible today and some are assessed altogether higher than the conventional individual can oversee. Wasting your money isn’t the most savvy thought nowadays. Those said here are extremely regarded and incorporated some noteworthy defeats point top is sensible for a considerable number individuals.

Not surprisingly, if lifting weights make a point to be ensured and at whatever point possible have an associate to work out with.

Is Marc Sparks a Real Social Entrepreneur?

Marc Sparks can be referred using many titles, but the one title that fully fits him is a social entrepreneur. For starters who don’t know who a social entrepreneur is, it’s a private developer who commits more to helping the community than making wealth for himself. While there are many characteristics that define Marc Sparks as a social entrepreneur, these are perhaps the characteristics that suit him most. First, most of his missions are aimed at helping the society without personal gain. Secondly, he is always on a mission to find new opportunities on how he can help people in the society. Furthermore, no obstacle can hinder Marc Sparks from realizing his mission. This is one of the characteristics that can be used to define a social entrepreneur. Finally, Marc Sparks helps people without expecting anything in return. These are just a few of the many characteristics that can be used to define a social entrepreneur.


Social entrepreneurs are motivated by many factors. This could be a failure earlier in life, and they want to prove a point. This is also the case for Marc Sparks who didn’t pass his high school education. He managed to graduate with a C grade and only proceeded for a diploma in college. For many people, this would seem like the end of their lives. As for Marc Sparks, this acted as a motivating factor for him. High school days are now gone, and Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur. To prove that anything is possible and anyone can succeed in life, Marc Sparks has authored a book called They Can’t Eat You. This book discusses tips for being a successful entrepreneur. Marc Sparks is perhaps well known for his role as a venture capitalist. This title means that he listens to other people ideas and determines whether they are worth funding. In one of these endeavors, Marc Sparks helps people realize their dreams through the Spark Tank Initiative. This is a program where people present their ideas, and the winner walks away with approximately $5000 in cash to fund their projects. The Spark Tank initiative for this year is currently accepting applications.


Mark Sparks makes his money through entrepreneurship, and he is the proud owner of several ventures. Some of these ventures include Fidelity Holding Bank, Eagle Premium Finance Company, and Eagle Underwriters. He has a special interest in investment banking, surety bonding as well as insurance. Other companies that Marc Sparks has been involved with include Surety $ Casualty Company, Great Southern General Agency as well as Jay Wireless Technologies. In the field of telecommunications, Marc Sparks has invested in Timber Creek Capital and Cardinal Telkom. He is currently involved with a company called Splash Media that deals with telecommunications.Learn more :


Big Whiskey’s American Bar & Grill

General Manager Audrey Watkins cuts the strip July 17 welcoming Big Whiskey’s American Bar and Grill not solely to the Ozark Chamber of Commerce, yet to the Ozark social order. The restaurant starting late opened at 602 N. 25th St., next to B&B Theaters. Regional Manager Matt Caetano said the Ozark restaurant is the fifth Big Whiskey’s region and “the best one we’ve opened.”

“We are opening 11 more stores in the accompanying five years. This is our model,” he said. “We can barely wait to work with everyone here. We trust you transform into a standard.”

Tremendous Whiskey’s is open from 11 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. Monday – Saturday and 11 a.m. – midnight Sundays and offers anything from burgers to steaks to sandwiches to locally developed pasta.

“We hand cut the lion’s share of our meats in house. We have a critical arrangement of sustenance — for all intents and purposes something everyone can acknowledge,” Watkins said.

Caetano said he wouldn’t just get a kick out of the chance to offer sustenance in Ozark, he should be a bit of the system.

“We’re anxious to be a bit of the system. We by and large say yes (to generous affiliations),” he said.