A Preview into What Drives Dr. Mark McKenna

Passion can be an indefinable idea. This means that the majority of people try to define and find, such that they spend their entire lives searching before they realize their passion. However, Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the luckiest persons who has found several passions in his life, which includes medicine, entrepreneurship, and real estate. He has tried working on the three passions in one project known as OVME.

OVME is a retail aesthetics firm that strives to link individuals with experienced healthcare service providers with the help of the internet. Dr. Mark has managed to effectively bring together his ache for healthcare and entrepreneurship since his company serves as a platform that connects clients and healthcare specialist. His journey to establishing the medical technology firm started with his dad, who was a physician and motivated him to pursue medicine. He enrolled at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans where he completed his medical course.

A Real Estate Aficionado Who Choose Entrepreneurship over Medicine

The roots of this entrepreneur in New Orleans are connected with his burgeoning real estate business known as McKenna Venture Investments. During his first years in the professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna impacted a significant amount of efforts on establishing the real estate business. While his business was still expanding, he bought out the competing companies until his firm employed dozens of workers. As his business was thriving, his success was halted when his town was stricken by the Hurricane Katrina. The distressing hurricane washed away many properties that belonged to Dr. Mark McKenna. This made him worry about the long-term prospect and sustainability of his real estate business.

His anxieties were as well heightened by a cognizance that the mortgage crisis was probably approaching. Additionally, financial lending institutions were ready to write an enormous loan for buyers who are under-qualified. Dr. Mark McKenna knew that this would elicit ambiguity in his real estate ventures. It is basically impossible to thrive in a business that is plagued by numerous uncertainties. These concerns, together with his genuine passion for medicine and being an effective and opinionated advocate for patients, made him to go back to medicine.


Facts about a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas, TX

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that uses fat harvested from other parts of your body to reshape the buttocks. The fat has to be processed and purified before reinjection. This means considerably more fat is removed then is re-injected.


A candidate for butt lift surgery must meet certain criteria:


  1. Must be in good general health in order to safely undergo anesthesia and to be able to properly recover from surgery.
  2. Must be in good psychological health with a realistic expectation of the outcome of the surgery.
  3. Must not smoke. Smoking can hinder the body’s ability to heal. If you are smoker, you must refrain for a specified period of time according to your surgeon.
  4. Must refrain from excessive drinking before the surgery


A good candidate for Brazilian butt lift surgery would be someone wanting to add volume to the buttocks area. It is important that the candidate has attempted to tighten and shape the buttock through diet and exercise before considering surgery. It is also important to have excessive fat deposits on other parts of the body which can be removed for transplantation. Some patients will be asked to gain weight in order to facilitate the excessive fat requirement. The candidate cannot have sagging skin in the buttocks area. It is important to have the correct body shape in order to appear proportionally appropriate after butt lift surgery.


There are a number of facilities available in the Dallas, TX area to receive a Brazilian butt lift. One place to contact for information and to determine candidacy is BodEvolve’s Dr. Clayton A. Frenzel. Other places in Dallas, TX area offering Brazilian Butt Lift procedures include North Texas Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. Bradley Hubbard at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.