Adam Milstein

As a seemingly lesser-known individual, Adam Milstein continues to grow in the eyes of several communities by spreading awareness of the Jewish communities. With countless dividing and devastating moments in history even up to this point in time, people are still facing the harsh and detrimental problems of the world. One of them, the Jewish community suffering from a seemingly decent amount of trouble.

Adam Milstein, a very talented and arguably one of the most determined philanthropist in contemporary times is an industrious and determined activist who shows great amounts of philanthropy throughout his career. He is well known for his involvement in presenting the Israeli community and all that is good about them, while also making it clear the horrific tragedies that occur in their troubled societies. In his earlier years of activism, he and his wife Gila founded a corporation known as “Adam and Gila Milstein Family” where the firm provided charitable services for those in the Jewish community that suffered from a lack of rights. This firm is seen in various countries around the world, such as countries in the Middle East and most commonly in the United States. Nevertheless, the firm services Jewish minorities all across the world, including other establishments that aid and partake in the assistance of the Jewish people worldwide.

Making it a full-time job, Adam Milstein exudes his interest in the Jewish community by showcasing and presenting it in his own media outlets such as his website and social media. And in addition, he uses others to write blogs and showcase himself and thus spdread the message of what he stands for. He provides people that follow him on Facebook and other social media with motivational comments and quotes by presenting the people of the Jewish communities as a simple and humane group just as everyone else. Adam Milstein shows a mass of videos and photographs with quotes that expose the need for help the Jewish community requires.

Adam Milstein continues to voice his opinion and a great need to serve the people of the Jewish community by making appearances on various websites and taking the title as the author of a worldwide organization known as JNS, the “Jewish News Syndicate.

Francisco Domenech is Thriving in his Political Affairs Career

Honesty has always been the best policy for Francisco Domenech. He believes his career has come this far because of transparency and openness. Despite these values in his work and life, Francisco has faced judgment and indifference. These challenges are typical for anyone working a political job. Domenech’s role in democratic politics is crucial. He works for a law firm that specializes in government affairs.

Francisco Domenech has acquired a degree in political science and J.D. in law. Among Domenech’s duties are canvassing, opposition research, fundraising, campaign management, voter registration and policy development. The journey of Francisco Domenech’s career has been long with various encounters. He began as a volunteer in the governor’s office. Domenech helped in the gubernatorial campaign. The work exposed him to other learning experiences such as opposition research and organizing fieldwork. Read this article at

After that, Domenech was involved in registering voters in Puerto Rico. At the same time, he was working in presidential campaigns. In every work Domenech did, he was diligent. Eventually, his dedication began paying off by getting essential positions. Domenech has worked as the director in the office of Legislative Services. This position continued opening up new learning opportunities and a platform for Domenech to utilize his professional skills.

One of the peak points of Francisco Domenech’s career was participating in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Domenech was a coordinator in both times when Clinton was vying for senator seat and president. She won the Senate seat with a significant margin. Although Hillary did not win the presidential seat, Domenech was proud to be a part of the first woman presidential campaign. This event will undoubtedly go into the history books, and Domenech is glad to be involved. Apart from having a blooming career in political affairs, Domenech is a family man. He is happily married with two daughters. Read more:



An investment that speaks to the investment strategy of the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group has been one of the most versatile investment groups around. They have a model that allows them to invest in some of the most promising areas while still maintain a grip on their permanent investment vehicles that they have nurtured into what they are today.

This was the reason why antennas went up when it emerged that they had invested 20 million dollars in ipass. Ipass is a Wi-Fi hotspot provider that has also recently expanded into cloud services while also holding onto a number of other patents. This group has over 340 million hotspots all over the world making them one of the largest hotspot providers in the world.

The Fortress-ipass deal would be anchored on this, and other merits and as such they are both very confident that the deal is an enabler of even bigger things to come in the future. The deal will be secured by assets held by ipass including their patents while at same time Fortress will be at hand to ensure that their investment is steered in the right direction.

Out of the 20 million dollars invested, 10 million is available from the onset, and this is one of the reasons why ipass was eager to have the deal done. Over the years the Fortress Investment Group has come to invest in a number of other areas including the private passenger rail network.

This was achieved through Brightline, a company that falls under their transport and infrastructure investment portfolio. The private passenger rail has not only helped Fortress Investment Group meet their bottom line by has enabled them to transform the lives of commuters in the various areas they have invested in. In 2017 they raised 2.9 billion dollars as part of their ongoing line of funding which would go into the expansion of investments in various sectors within their portfolio.

This has made Fortress Investment Group one of the most consistent private equity funds, and it was thus not a surprise when they got a lot of interest from Softbank the Japanese investment bank. The deal to acquire Fortress was approved in 2017 by shareholders and returned the group to private hands.