Anil Chaturvedi is More than an Indian Seasonal Banker

India is among the most developed countries in Asia. This country is comprised of many business minded people. There are also tremendous opportunities for investment. I would recommend anyone interested in finance to consider India. There have been various changes in the legal system which used to halt immigrants from investing in India. The government is currently accepting international investment in India with a clean heart. This has led to emergence of many foreign companies in India. Current, India has gained many trading partners in the United States of America and Europe. This growth has led to the trading of billion dollars annually between India and other nations all over the world.

There are some intelligent business minded Indians who have already took exploited the trade partnership and connection that India enjoys with other nations. Anil Chaturvedi is among the most prominent business minded person in India who has taken advantage of this opportunity to the maximum. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He has contributed significantly towards the partnership contracts between India and other nations. Anil Chaturvedi has played a significant role towards encouraging and enticing many investors to India via his commitment with various international investors in the financial department. He has also served in foreign countries for quite a long time, and he is highly informed about the best areas to explore to attract many investors to India.

Anil Chaturvedi has served in several banking institutions. He has highly contributed towards their growth and development into the best companies in the financial department. Before joining Hinduja Bank where he has served for the last six years, he used to be the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch, an American financial organization. He served in Merrill Lynch for seventeen years where helped the bank towards maintaining a top rank in the financial industry. Anil Chaturvedi was also featured as the best and the leading financial advisor. Anil not only offered advice to the banks but he was also being hired by other organizations to help them in the management of their fortunes.

Anil Chaturvedi impact on the banking and financial industry will have a long-lasting positive effect.

Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

When I think of successful people quite a few come to mind. But one that a lot more people should know about is Peter Briger. As the picture of success, he not only serves the board of Caliber schools but also is Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group. As a member of the board since November 2006, he has absolutely dominated the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress.Now this man isn’t done with his saga of success before he became one of Fortress’s many elites he spent his time serving Goldman Sachs&Co. In his 15 years there he became a partner back in 1996.

One can only imagine what he has in store for a company as powerful as Fortress Investment Group.I want to take the time to quote an old commercial here in saying but wait, there’s more. Peter Briger is such a surprising individual it’s amazing. For instance, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree fromĀ  the Princeton University and then had the determination to turn around and get his Master of Business Administration Degree from the Wharton School of Business, which is at the University of Pennsylvania.As if this wasn’t impressive enough he shows his level of determination when it comes to helping others.

Helping the people of San Francisco by joining an amazing non-profit organization called Tipping Point, which helps people of the area with low-income housing.And yet Peter Briger still finds the time to prepare students for success in the future which includes competitive four-year colleges and more.In conclusion, if you don’t know who Peter Briger is I strongly recommend reading up on him. This man is a public service and real estate guru all in one. At the end of the day, we all could take a lesson away from this mans success and maybe use it to contribute to our own personal successes someday.