Ted Bauman Writes About The Lack Of Home Affordability

Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill Publishing recently wrote an article about the housing industry. Every year houses get more expensive. Since 2012 the average price of a new American home has increased by 50 percent and existing homes are up by a similar number. He said that nowadays potential homebuyers are pretty much locked out of the market. Many millennials, in particular, want to purchase a home but don’t have the resource to do so, Ted Bauman wrote.

The National Association of Realtors issues a First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Report each year. Their data shows that housing affordability in the United States dropped comparing the second quarter of 2018 to the first quarter. In the first quarter, the affordability rate was 103.9 and that number dropped to 92.5 in the second quarter. A value of 100 shows that a family earning the average household income has enough money to buy the average home. If the number drops below 100 then that is no longer the case.

Ted Bauman says that in 2006 this index was sitting at 68. After the housing crash, the index hit a high of 136.7 in 2012. This number has been declining ever since as incomes have not gone up much but the price of housing certainly has. While housing went up 50 percent in value the average person saw an income increase of only 3 percent. He says this has led to rentals being in demand with a vacancy rate sitting at a 25 year low.

Ted Bauman is an editor who writes about economic issues. His three publications are Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. In addition to writing about housing and investing he also covers immigration issues and privacy rights. He spent the first 25 years of his professional career working in South Africa for nonprofits that build homes for low-income families. He went to the University of Capetown and has advanced degrees in both history and economics.

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Adam Milstein

As a seemingly lesser-known individual, Adam Milstein continues to grow in the eyes of several communities by spreading awareness of the Jewish communities. With countless dividing and devastating moments in history even up to this point in time, people are still facing the harsh and detrimental problems of the world. One of them, the Jewish community suffering from a seemingly decent amount of trouble.

Adam Milstein, a very talented and arguably one of the most determined philanthropist in contemporary times is an industrious and determined activist who shows great amounts of philanthropy throughout his career. He is well known for his involvement in presenting the Israeli community and all that is good about them, while also making it clear the horrific tragedies that occur in their troubled societies. In his earlier years of activism, he and his wife Gila founded a corporation known as “Adam and Gila Milstein Family” where the firm provided charitable services for those in the Jewish community that suffered from a lack of rights. This firm is seen in various countries around the world, such as countries in the Middle East and most commonly in the United States. Nevertheless, the firm services Jewish minorities all across the world, including other establishments that aid and partake in the assistance of the Jewish people worldwide.

Making it a full-time job, Adam Milstein exudes his interest in the Jewish community by showcasing and presenting it in his own media outlets such as his website and social media. And in addition, he uses others to write blogs and showcase himself and thus spdread the message of what he stands for. He provides people that follow him on Facebook and other social media with motivational comments and quotes by presenting the people of the Jewish communities as a simple and humane group just as everyone else. Adam Milstein shows a mass of videos and photographs with quotes that expose the need for help the Jewish community requires.

Adam Milstein continues to voice his opinion and a great need to serve the people of the Jewish community by making appearances on various websites and taking the title as the author of a worldwide organization known as JNS, the “Jewish News Syndicate.


George Soros Contributes For a Liberal World

George Soros, a prominent hedge fund manager and well-known philanthropist, is known for contributions in shaping a liberal world. He works with like-minded billionaires and lobbying for groups that work on various social and political challenges not only in U.S. but across the world. Soros fights for his beliefs and a better world order; he contributed $27 million to defeat President George W. Bush in the year 2004, as Soros was distressed with the Iraq war and the policies of the Bush administration. Later, he decided not to spend huge sums in the election and focused on his philanthropic activities including works on formulating the democratic process mainly in Eastern Europe; protect human rights and options to access quality education and healthcare for people around the world including U.S.

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He was upset with the policies of Donald Trump and decided to contribute for Hillary Clinton in the campaign. George Soros contributed at least $25 million in the campaign for Hillary. George also helped some PACs to work on voter mobilization campaigns, to fight against the efforts of conservatives to restrict voting, immigrant voting, etc. George understood that the policies of Trump in immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform could create deep social divisions in the society and disastrous in long-term. His contributions encouraged other liberal billionaires to contribute for Hillary in large chunks, and that helped her having a significant financial advantage over Trump in the Presidential election 2016. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Soros is known for his huge contributions to philanthropic activities. He has contributed at least $13 billion in total during the past three decades. George influences across the world with his open society foundations that spread the importance of democratic process and campaigns against social and financial inequality. It should be noted that his more than $25 billion fortune amassed from mainly the risky currency trades. Though Soros contributes large amounts against the evils that create divisions in the society, he is also fighting against the unaccounted and unprecedented money flow into the election process. With that motive, he contributed $5,000 – the ceiling amount, to End Citizens United, a PAC fighting against unaccounted money flow in electioneering.

Later, he moved to New York and started his life as an investor and established his first hedge fund for $12 million in 1969. He is considered to be the richest hedge fund manager with his Soros Fund Management, which has more than $30 billion assets. In 1992, he made a short sale of at least US$10 billion worth GBP and made a profit of $1 billion, and since then, he was called as the man who broke Britain’s Bank of England.

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