Francesco Domenech Political Powerhouse in Puerto Rico

Serving With Passion and Power

Francesco Domenech manages Politank. Politanck is responsible for many political affairs of the Puerto Rican government. Thru his many years at Politank Francesco Domenech has shown his many talents over a decade of multiple services as a fundraiser, bringing new voters,and researching the opposition.Francesco Domenech has vast knowledge in both the legal and political spheres. In the political realm of Puerto Rico Francesco Domenech is considered a powerhouse and strong rival.

Facing Complex Problems

Francisco Domenech has faced many difficult problems and helped to bring them to resolution because of his vast legal and political experience and knowledge. Francisco Domenech helped two of the most women’s offices. While the 2016 elections were coming to an end, Francesco Domenech had the opportunity to work with Hillary Clinton’ political campaign. He worked with Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon. Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon was the sole responsible delegate for Puerto Rico in Washington, D.C.

Francisco Domenech was able to run both jobs for the two candidates at once, which was considered to be by many a herculean show of energy. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Acting as Campaign Manager

Any campaign manager has to face many challenges during the long months leading upto the election. Francesco Domenech assumed the enormous responsibility for the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon in the 2016 election. Coordinating both campaign’s specific took an extraordinary show of personal strength and commitment, which Francesco Domenech had shown during his political career ┬áleading up to this election. His political campaign tools which he had built up over a twenty-year stretch showed that he had honed and perfected his political campaign prowess for this proof of his ability to coordinate and execute many fine details without showing the loss of his professional composure in the public eye.

Leader of New Progressive Party

Francisco Domenech is part of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico. The New Progressive Party stands firmly for the Puerto Rican statehood as well as stand in harmony with Francesco Domenech’ hopes for the future of the Puerto Rican territory.

Francisco Domenech served Hillary Clinton’ political campaign for president in both the 2008 and 2016 campaigns. In 2008 Domenech was co-chair thru Hillary Clinton’s political campaign for president. See more:


The Illustrious Career of Francisco Domenech


Francisco Domenech studied political science at the University of Puerto Rico. He would complete his Juris Doctor studies at the same institution. His academic work included a semester at the University College London where he studied comparative law. He attended Forest High School in Florida.


Francisco served as the chief legal counsel of the P.R. Senate President. He took care of the legal affairs of the Senate and offered legal advice when called upon. In 2005, he moved to the P.R. Legislative Assembly where he directed the Office of Legislative Assembly. He served them for three years and enjoyed considerable success during his tenure.

He later moved to the private sector and serves Politank as the Managing Partner. He takes part in numerous government forums where he represents private interests. Read this Article at

Political career

He served the UPR College of Social Sciences as the President of the Student Body between 1998 and 1999. Domenech would later serve the General Student Body Council in the same position during the next academic year. He doubled up as an Academic Senator in the same period. After school, he served the Puerto Rico Young Democrats as their president.

Francisco joined national politics in 2007. He represented Young American Democrats in the Democratic National Committee for five years. He was an active participant in the Democratic National Conventions. He bowed out of the youth organization after serving as a committeeman for three consecutive terms.

Domenech was part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign management team in both the 2008 and 2016 election cycles. First as the deputy campaign manager then the campaign manager in the latter cycle. Hillary Clinton enjoyed great victory margins in Puerto Rico over Sen Obama and Sen Sanders thanks to his efforts. He was part of the National Finance Committee in the two campaigns.

Domenech also managed Hon. Jennifer Gonzalez’s campaign team in 2016. She successfully became the first woman to represent Puerto Rico in the US Congress.


Mr. Francisco Domenech actively supports the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Museo de Arte de Penco and the Hispanic Caucus Institute among other organizations. His charity donations are mostly channelled through Politank although he also gives individually at times.

Domenech’s success was appreciated in 2016 when he received most votes in the 40 under 40 class of Puerto Rico.

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