Talos Energy’s Tim Duncan Negotiates Merger Deal Between Talos And Stone Energy

When hurricane Harvey hit Texas just the other day, Tim Duncan and his neighbors in Kingwood were not spared, and like the other victims, Duncan and his family were forced to leave their homes behind for safety purposes.

Nevertheless, even amidst all the chaos that the hurricane had caused, Talos Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan was still determined to sign the merger deal between his company and the bankrupt Stone energy as this was the only way that Talos Energy could become a public entity without it having to incur the costs of a public offering. In respect to that, he relocated his family to Alabama and came back to Houston to ensure that the deal goes through despite weather conditions. The weeks that followed proved that Duncan is a man committed to getting his way as he spent nights and days in his mother’s dining room negotiating the deal until it went through.

When it sees completion, the merger will bring a lot of benefits for both companies. For instance, Stone energy Company will stop being declared bankrupt while Talos will go public without the expenses involved in a public offering and At the same time increase its annual revenue to approximately $900 million. Talos will also preside over TALO, Stone energy’s listing based in the Gulf of Mexico.

About Talos Energy

Headquartered in Houston, Talos energy is a prominent firm in the oil and gas industry. The company engages in the exploration and production of the said products in the Gulf of Mexico and also Gulf coast.

Even though its quite a prominent firm right now, Talos Energy has been here for a short while and its massive success can be attributed to its remarkable panel of leaders led by Tim Duncan.

Duncan established company in 2012, and since then it has grown tremendously. Its growth can be attributed to its in-depth knowledge and expertise in the geological and geophysical aspects of oil and natural gas production massively. What’s even better is that the company carries out it its exploration, exploitation and production activities without compromising the health and safety of the firm’s workers and also people who reside around the gulf. Additionally, the firm also ensures that they remain compliant with all environmental rules regulations.

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Stream Energy Goes Beyond Simple Charity

Operation Once in a Lifetime was a Dallas-charity event aimed at supporting veterans both financially and morally. The event was just one of the many philanthropic pursuits of direct-energy seller Stream Energy. Stream is devoted to giving back to the community, it is something that everyone working for the company is adamant about. But with Stream it does not stop at the allocation of funds. They go even deeper. For Operation Once in a Lifetime instead of just paying for the event, they also donated transportation to ferry veterans to the event who could not go on their own.

Stream Energy has found much success since its founding in 2005. The direct-energy seller born in Dallas, Texas has expanded to seven states. It’s offered service has also expanded from oil and natural gas to mobile plans and home security. Its mobile and home security services are enjoyed nationwide. Despite this success Stream Energy has never lost one of its core value, to give back to the community around it. In fact, Stream is so adamant about their philanthropy they made it part of their business. The company launched Stream Cares, a philanthropic wing of the company concerned with the management of their charity. Stream Cares supports the community around it, allocates Streams charitable funding, and keeps up relationships with organizations like Habitat For Humanity, Hope Supply Company, and Red Cross. The company is dedicated to aiding the homeless problem in Dallas. Stream Cares has already facilitated numerous events with Hope Supply and other organizations to provide aid and relief to homeless families.

Corporate philanthropy is a new development for the business world. The idea of making charity part of the business model is ideal on many levels. Besides benefiting the community and increasing the quality of life, it makes the company look very good. Business may lure potential customers in knowing that through their business they are helping other people. For this purpose, many in the business world are focusing on charity a little more. Their motivation is not completely selfish, in the case of Stream Energy they really are passionate about helping other people.