Whitney Wolfe Of Bumble Launches Physical Location For People To Meet Up

Whitney Wolfe is a technology entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, where she completed a bachelor of arts degree program in international studies. Whitney Wolfe’s work experience before founding Bumble includes volunteering overseas in orphanages and working for a startup incubator company called Hatch Labs.

Whitney Wolfe would serve as vice president of marketing at Tinder, before leaving the company to create her own dating app called Bumble. Her dating app, Bumble is based in Austin, Texas and is one of the first dating apps to put women in control. At Bumble, only women can start up the first communication between a man and a woman.

The feminist approach to dating from Whitney Wolfe has empowered women in the online dating world. It also solves the age old problem of woman being harassed and swamped with inappropriate and lewd comments and photos. A research study of Bumble and other dating apps found that women faced far less harassment and filed much less complaints on Bumble than on other dating applications. To date Bumble has over 11 million registers users and is the number four most popular dating app in the world.

Bumble has just announced that it is launching what is essentially a first brick and mortar location for people to meet up and connect in real life. This location is called the “Hive” and has a Bumble honeybee theme all throughout. Bumble’s first “Hive” is in New York City and is open to the general public. If you want to check out the “Hive” for yourself it is found on 158 Mercer Street in the Soho Neighborhood of Manhattan.

The idea behind this launch is to create a place where people who connect through Bumble can go and meet up in real life. It is meant to be a place where dates can meet up as well as friends. The “Hive” will also hold special events throughout the year.