Dr. Clay B. Seigall’s Push for Cancer Treatment

Cancer testing has been the order of the day. Day in day out, there is always news on cancer treatment and testing. This awareness has been reinforced due to the increased cases of late diagnosis of cancer. Prof Dame Sally Davies last year directed the National Health Service to offer DNA tests to cancer patients. This test was approved in the light that this specific test identifies errors in the genetic code. The difference is pointed out by differentiating the normal and cancerous cells. Pinpointing these errors enhances treatment by customizing to fit patients’ specific needs. This way of treatment has been done to over thirty-one thousand patients and so far has proven effective. The success is mainly attributed to the fact that when the cells are identified, treatments are specific thus reduce the incidences of trial and error. The procedure saves time and money in the sense that, when a patient is not likely to benefit from a specified drug, the medicine is not considered thus allowing doctors to prescribe a more effective drug.

Genome sequencing is just one of the discovered ways of better treatment for cancer. A group of researchers at The University of Lyon in England have come up with a urine test which can accurately predict TERT, a faulty protein in the urine. This test specifically foresees the occurrence of bladder cancer. This urine test is 80 percent accurate compared to the 34 percent accuracy in the previous tests.

These researchers have increased thus improving treatment. However, the work doesn’t end in that phase; Pharmaceuticals’ play a very big role in marketing these new methods of testing and treatment. Seattle Genetics, in particular, has been in the limelight in the enhancement of cancer treatment methods. This company was founded by Clay B. Siegall who is the CEO and COB.

Dr. Clay Seigall started the company in the year 1998 and has since then the company has risen to become a very key biotech firm in drug development. The founding of this company was triggered by his dad’s experience of fighting cancer while he was nineteen. Five years later after his dad was diagnosed with the disease, he succumbed to the illness. Dr. Clay has then passionately and generously funded researchers on cancer treatments in order to play a part in saving people’s lives.