Francesco Domenech Political Powerhouse in Puerto Rico

Serving With Passion and Power

Francesco Domenech manages Politank. Politanck is responsible for many political affairs of the Puerto Rican government. Thru his many years at Politank Francesco Domenech has shown his many talents over a decade of multiple services as a fundraiser, bringing new voters,and researching the opposition.Francesco Domenech has vast knowledge in both the legal and political spheres. In the political realm of Puerto Rico Francesco Domenech is considered a powerhouse and strong rival.

Facing Complex Problems

Francisco Domenech has faced many difficult problems and helped to bring them to resolution because of his vast legal and political experience and knowledge. Francisco Domenech helped two of the most women’s offices. While the 2016 elections were coming to an end, Francesco Domenech had the opportunity to work with Hillary Clinton’ political campaign. He worked with Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon. Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon was the sole responsible delegate for Puerto Rico in Washington, D.C.

Francisco Domenech was able to run both jobs for the two candidates at once, which was considered to be by many a herculean show of energy. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Acting as Campaign Manager

Any campaign manager has to face many challenges during the long months leading upto the election. Francesco Domenech assumed the enormous responsibility for the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon in the 2016 election. Coordinating both campaign’s specific took an extraordinary show of personal strength and commitment, which Francesco Domenech had shown during his political career  leading up to this election. His political campaign tools which he had built up over a twenty-year stretch showed that he had honed and perfected his political campaign prowess for this proof of his ability to coordinate and execute many fine details without showing the loss of his professional composure in the public eye.

Leader of New Progressive Party

Francisco Domenech is part of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico. The New Progressive Party stands firmly for the Puerto Rican statehood as well as stand in harmony with Francesco Domenech’ hopes for the future of the Puerto Rican territory.

Francisco Domenech served Hillary Clinton’ political campaign for president in both the 2008 and 2016 campaigns. In 2008 Domenech was co-chair thru Hillary Clinton’s political campaign for president. See more:


Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Two Dinners

People usually don’t think about big corporation’s lawyers, but they all can’t be bloodsucking parasites. Look at Jeremy Goldstein, one of the most preferred business lawyers in New York. Jeremy Goldstein graduated from Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the New York University School of Law. With a background like that, there’s no way he could lead his clients astray.

His background is one of the main reasons so many New York-based companies and high-profile individuals come to him. He has 15 years worth of knowledge and experience that can’t be matched by any other attorney in the state.

After graduating, he ended up working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Over time, he was named partner and started focusing on executive compensation and corporate governance. That set of skills propelled his career further than anyone could imagine. He soon left Wachtell and established his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Now, his clients come to him to talk about compensation, governance, transformative events, and other sensitive situations. He’s handled every significant transaction his firm’s played a role in, including some that involved Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, and Merck. Most of his current meetings are about compensation methods, and which are the best fit.

Most successful professionals also donate their time and money to some philanthropic cause. Many of them do this to appear generous. Jeremy Goldstein works with Fountain House because he believes in what they’re doing. Fountain House is an organization that helps people who have mental illness.

Mental illness is something that millions of Americans suffer from, but few seek help. It’s considered embarrassing and shameful to need help with things like that. Tearing down that wall is something that Goldstein and Fountain House are focused on every day. Mental Illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and people need to realize the severity of it.

Currently, Goldstein is a member of the organization’s Board of Directors. He also hosts fundraisers and charity events to bring awareness to the issue. Earlier this year, he held a wine dinner on top of a luxury hotel in New York.

The party impressed guests so well; everyone wanted to do it again. The second party he held raised more money for Fountain House, bringing the wine dinner total to over $56,000.


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