Gareth Henry Jamaican Badminton Player

Gareth Henry was born on 20th October 1977. He is a badminton player, a passionate activist on matters dealing with HIV/AIDS, LGBT, and social justice. After being tortured with threats, and homophobic violence in his native country he fled to Canada a city called Toronto. Historians experts put across that he came from a small town called St. Mary’s which is located on north coast of Jamaica. He never experienced any filial relationship with his father, and his mother was a teen when he was blessed with Gareth Henry. He started his high school education at his tender age. As a teenager, he felt so much glued and attracted to other boys.

He is a legendary badminton player. He accomplished on his Commonwealth Games on the year 2011, and on the year 2015, he finished Pan American Games. He has made tremendous achievement by making his team win a bronze medal at the 2018 Pan Men’s Championships team. He won the men’s doubles gold by partnering with Samuel O Brien Ricketts at the 2018 Caribbean Games, and Central American.

Ubuntu Biography Project says that he moved away from his family so that he could enjoy freedom. The reasons behind separating himself from his family are that he wanted to do his own things as an individual, enjoy self-pride, and feel the sense of authenticity. It is from here that his journey of gayism kicked off. He is a learned individual who is a bachelor holder of a degree in Social Work, and a master’s degree in Communications for Behavior Change and Social. He is a prodigious philanthropist who has supported human rights, non-governmental organization, and Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, (JASL), the most antic and gigantic AIDS organization.

Gareth Henry is combative in fighting hatred and discrimination in Jamaica and inspires the Jamaicans to be courageous and steadfast. He cherishes hanging out with friends and traveling. Gareth Henry is an icon of inspiration to his Jamaicans and to the men and women who aspire to be great leaders.

The Career of Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the president and founder of Renovia Inc. The individual went to the University of Miami and studied a bachelor’s degree in Business and Science. As a strategic leader, Beer works his way up through numerous job positions to the current post. As a philanthropist, the leader helps people through various difficult life situations. Beer worked as a business adviser of Miami University and a strategic consultant in ova Science. The individual uses much of his resources, money, and time to elevate the living standards of the community. Beer is the primary supporter and co-founder of the committee for compensation and audit committee for Minerva Neurosciences.


Recently, Marc Beer accepted $32 million donations in round B series and $10 million in venture debt to boost operations at Renovia. Beer qualifies in the usage of the current medical technology where he operates pharmaceutical devices to perform diagnostics. The core agenda of Beer is to come up with a way to diagnose, prevent, and treat urinary incontinence. More than 250 women in the whole world are living with the condition.


Early this year, the food and drug administrators accepted the usage of the first Renovia product referred to as Leva. Longwood Fund, an organization determined to support the healthcare sector, donated services to Beer in handling health issues. Other promoters of Renovia are the principal advisors from New York and Ascension ventures from Missouri. All the effort and support is to create grounds to launch a test for other four products from Renovia. Moreover, Beer intends to come up with a new type of Leva.


Marc Beer showed much appreciation for the support from different organizations and individuals. The primary focus of the leader is to create an advanced diagnostic system treating procedure to minimize pelvic condition among women. Beer embraces the idea of using strategic digital health platforms combined with the innovative technology to improve the services. The individual assured of emerging of new methods of treatment with the help of the current technology.


We now understand that a long-term solution is possible with a clear understanding of the pelvic disorder. Renovia determines to support pelvic health at all cost through various possible methods of treatment. The organization employs multiple strategies in treating, like data management, improved drug administration, and patient-based app technology.


Under his outstanding leadership skills, Marc Beer ensures that all patients receive proper attention and quality service. The individual addresses issues with effective immediately to give a satisfying service to the clients. Beer ensures that Renovia remains the leading firm in providing effective treatment procedures to fight pelvic floor disorder. Therefore, Beer dedicates to create the commitment to consistently serving people. The inventiveness of Beer makes the world as a whole a better place to live. Learn more :


Ted Bauman: Will The Bull Market Die?

While many financial analysts remain optimistic about the bull market in US equities, others are beginning to feel nervous. Ted Bauman is an economist and a contributor for Banyan Hill Publishing who has always practiced a defensive approach to investing. He believes that investors who shoot for high returns off the bat tend to underperform the defensive investing style in the long run. The current US equity bull market is the longest in history and Mr. Bauman feels there are factors that will start to weigh down the equity market. Mr. Bauman has pointed to the Federal Reserve and their hawkish stance with interest rates. If the economy keeps showing decent economic data, interest rates could be as high as four percent by 2020. He believes that equities could fall earlier due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China.

If the market is going to go south, Ted Bauman advises individuals to be weighted in both stocks and bonds. Even if the equity market drops, there could be a sharp rebound in stock prices just like there was after the stock market crash of 1987. Investors who did not panic during the crash ended the year with a ten percent gain, whereas the investors who panicked and unloaded their positions took a loss. Ted Bauman believes that a financial portfolio is not complete unless an individual has some portion of their wealth in bonds. Many investors will ignore bonds completely and fail to understand the wisdom in holding bonds. Bonds can help protect a portfolio when stocks are doing miserably. They also pay interest and can be a great source of residual income.

Ted Bauman grew up in the US and emigrated to South Africa. He did work for Habitat for Humanity in areas such as the Caribbean. He spent many years in the nonprofit sector helping in housing projects for the poor. He has done extensive research for the United Nations and has had his work recognized in respectable journals around the world. His life experiences have led him to believe that society should look after the less fortunate. Some of his current work involves him writing about low-risk investment strategies so average people don’t lose their money and can preserve their wealth.

Francesco Domenech Political Powerhouse in Puerto Rico

Serving With Passion and Power

Francesco Domenech manages Politank. Politanck is responsible for many political affairs of the Puerto Rican government. Thru his many years at Politank Francesco Domenech has shown his many talents over a decade of multiple services as a fundraiser, bringing new voters,and researching the opposition.Francesco Domenech has vast knowledge in both the legal and political spheres. In the political realm of Puerto Rico Francesco Domenech is considered a powerhouse and strong rival.

Facing Complex Problems

Francisco Domenech has faced many difficult problems and helped to bring them to resolution because of his vast legal and political experience and knowledge. Francisco Domenech helped two of the most women’s offices. While the 2016 elections were coming to an end, Francesco Domenech had the opportunity to work with Hillary Clinton’ political campaign. He worked with Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon. Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon was the sole responsible delegate for Puerto Rico in Washington, D.C.

Francisco Domenech was able to run both jobs for the two candidates at once, which was considered to be by many a herculean show of energy. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Acting as Campaign Manager

Any campaign manager has to face many challenges during the long months leading upto the election. Francesco Domenech assumed the enormous responsibility for the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon in the 2016 election. Coordinating both campaign’s specific took an extraordinary show of personal strength and commitment, which Francesco Domenech had shown during his political career  leading up to this election. His political campaign tools which he had built up over a twenty-year stretch showed that he had honed and perfected his political campaign prowess for this proof of his ability to coordinate and execute many fine details without showing the loss of his professional composure in the public eye.

Leader of New Progressive Party

Francisco Domenech is part of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico. The New Progressive Party stands firmly for the Puerto Rican statehood as well as stand in harmony with Francesco Domenech’ hopes for the future of the Puerto Rican territory.

Francisco Domenech served Hillary Clinton’ political campaign for president in both the 2008 and 2016 campaigns. In 2008 Domenech was co-chair thru Hillary Clinton’s political campaign for president. See more:


Ted Bauman Writes About The Lack Of Home Affordability

Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill Publishing recently wrote an article about the housing industry. Every year houses get more expensive. Since 2012 the average price of a new American home has increased by 50 percent and existing homes are up by a similar number. He said that nowadays potential homebuyers are pretty much locked out of the market. Many millennials, in particular, want to purchase a home but don’t have the resource to do so, Ted Bauman wrote.

The National Association of Realtors issues a First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Report each year. Their data shows that housing affordability in the United States dropped comparing the second quarter of 2018 to the first quarter. In the first quarter, the affordability rate was 103.9 and that number dropped to 92.5 in the second quarter. A value of 100 shows that a family earning the average household income has enough money to buy the average home. If the number drops below 100 then that is no longer the case.

Ted Bauman says that in 2006 this index was sitting at 68. After the housing crash, the index hit a high of 136.7 in 2012. This number has been declining ever since as incomes have not gone up much but the price of housing certainly has. While housing went up 50 percent in value the average person saw an income increase of only 3 percent. He says this has led to rentals being in demand with a vacancy rate sitting at a 25 year low.

Ted Bauman is an editor who writes about economic issues. His three publications are Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. In addition to writing about housing and investing he also covers immigration issues and privacy rights. He spent the first 25 years of his professional career working in South Africa for nonprofits that build homes for low-income families. He went to the University of Capetown and has advanced degrees in both history and economics.

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Organo Gold’s Nutritional Values

There is a vast number of Americans in the United States prefer taking coffee as compared to other beverages. There is also a large number of different types of coffee in many stores including the Organo Gold. While still there is a vast majority that still prefers the traditional coffee as compared to the newly introduced variants. There is, however, a rising number of citizens that are more cautious about health. As such, Organo coffee is quickly getting recognition.The introduction of Organo Gold has caused ripples in the market. This is partially due to its diversity invariants and flavors.

E.g., coffee and tea are getting flavored with some Chinese herb commonly known as Ganoderma Lucidum. This is the legendary king of the Chinese herbs. The brew certainly tastes good and has immense health benefits to the user.Renowned clinical nutritionist, Dr. Bob Rakowski asserts that organo gold is one of the best beverages that has been introduced to the market in the recent times. Dr. Bob Rakowski opines that Organo tea has been found to be good at boosting the immune system and also makes the skin glow. Glowing skin is an indication of proper health.

Considering the fact that the Ganoderma Lucidum has been around for quite a long time, one can comfortably take organo gold without any fears whatever.One final thing that might slowly escalate the organo gold to America’s most consumed beverage is the availability of a large number of flavors. These flavors include -red tea, green tea, black tea, Hot Chocolate, and Café Latte.The customization of the Organo gold makes it a favorite drink across the board for many Americans. If you are traveling and feel the urge to take some coffee, you just need some hot water and you are sorted!

Anil Chaturvedi is More than an Indian Seasonal Banker

India is among the most developed countries in Asia. This country is comprised of many business minded people. There are also tremendous opportunities for investment. I would recommend anyone interested in finance to consider India. There have been various changes in the legal system which used to halt immigrants from investing in India. The government is currently accepting international investment in India with a clean heart. This has led to emergence of many foreign companies in India. Current, India has gained many trading partners in the United States of America and Europe. This growth has led to the trading of billion dollars annually between India and other nations all over the world.

There are some intelligent business minded Indians who have already took exploited the trade partnership and connection that India enjoys with other nations. Anil Chaturvedi is among the most prominent business minded person in India who has taken advantage of this opportunity to the maximum. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He has contributed significantly towards the partnership contracts between India and other nations. Anil Chaturvedi has played a significant role towards encouraging and enticing many investors to India via his commitment with various international investors in the financial department. He has also served in foreign countries for quite a long time, and he is highly informed about the best areas to explore to attract many investors to India.

Anil Chaturvedi has served in several banking institutions. He has highly contributed towards their growth and development into the best companies in the financial department. Before joining Hinduja Bank where he has served for the last six years, he used to be the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch, an American financial organization. He served in Merrill Lynch for seventeen years where helped the bank towards maintaining a top rank in the financial industry. Anil Chaturvedi was also featured as the best and the leading financial advisor. Anil not only offered advice to the banks but he was also being hired by other organizations to help them in the management of their fortunes.

Anil Chaturvedi impact on the banking and financial industry will have a long-lasting positive effect.

Alex Hern: 25 Years Of Technology Success

His skills has remained as an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. Alex Hern has a career that is focused on early stage companies regarding the incubation technology companies. As co-founder and working as the director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs. This particular company is a search technology and powered by Yahoo, MSN and AO-. In addition to that, he is co-founder and director up Yesmail, which is a led IOP by Alex brown. The business focuses on web directory and email marketing. It entered the public spectrum and was acquired by CMGI, now called Modus-link Global Solutions. The deal was worth $650 million dollars nearly 10 months down the road. Alex Hern has another company he co-founded named Military Commercial Technologies. The company implements commercialization incubators that receive funding from Lockheed and L-3.

Hern is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer leading the professional team. To add to his resume, he is the director of Arcsight and co-founder for the company that is a cyber-security business. This organization was also capable of going public and selling it immediately to Hewlett-Packard for an astounding $1.5 billion. Alex Hern’s work continues as the director of Cloud Shield and also serves as it’s co-founder. The business is a network security company that was sold to another organization by the name of SAIC. Their focus is on large technology and operates as an engineering firm targeting commercial and government projects.

Alex Hern’s impressive career extends to owning Another board he has served on is called Zero Knowledge Systems which is now called Radio Point and operates as a security an encryption business. When asked where the idea for Tsuami came from, Hern states it came to him once realizing he entered into the transition from the CPU-driven computers to the current GPU-driven era that will most likely need software applications.

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Talos Energy’s Tim Duncan Negotiates Merger Deal Between Talos And Stone Energy

When hurricane Harvey hit Texas just the other day, Tim Duncan and his neighbors in Kingwood were not spared, and like the other victims, Duncan and his family were forced to leave their homes behind for safety purposes.

Nevertheless, even amidst all the chaos that the hurricane had caused, Talos Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan was still determined to sign the merger deal between his company and the bankrupt Stone energy as this was the only way that Talos Energy could become a public entity without it having to incur the costs of a public offering. In respect to that, he relocated his family to Alabama and came back to Houston to ensure that the deal goes through despite weather conditions. The weeks that followed proved that Duncan is a man committed to getting his way as he spent nights and days in his mother’s dining room negotiating the deal until it went through.

When it sees completion, the merger will bring a lot of benefits for both companies. For instance, Stone energy Company will stop being declared bankrupt while Talos will go public without the expenses involved in a public offering and At the same time increase its annual revenue to approximately $900 million. Talos will also preside over TALO, Stone energy’s listing based in the Gulf of Mexico.

About Talos Energy

Headquartered in Houston, Talos energy is a prominent firm in the oil and gas industry. The company engages in the exploration and production of the said products in the Gulf of Mexico and also Gulf coast.

Even though its quite a prominent firm right now, Talos Energy has been here for a short while and its massive success can be attributed to its remarkable panel of leaders led by Tim Duncan.

Duncan established company in 2012, and since then it has grown tremendously. Its growth can be attributed to its in-depth knowledge and expertise in the geological and geophysical aspects of oil and natural gas production massively. What’s even better is that the company carries out it its exploration, exploitation and production activities without compromising the health and safety of the firm’s workers and also people who reside around the gulf. Additionally, the firm also ensures that they remain compliant with all environmental rules regulations.

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Organo Gold is Enhancing Lives

We still don’t know much about our health and how the things hat we do impact our health. We do, however, know exactly what we enjoy and if there is one beverage that has become particularly popular among people in this country in recent years, it is coffee. Every other day there is a report about the benefits of coffee it seems, but if we take coffee one step further, and try to make it even healthier to consume than some evidence already suggests, this is good for everyone.

Many coffee shops are moving to offering more healthful options for customers, including bringing locally harvested products in as a means of furthering the agenda of creating sustainability. Organo Gold coffee and tea products fall into this space. They are making coffee and tea in a more healthful manner, in addition to having created supplements under their “OGX” body management line of products.

The global coffee market is huge, and after just a decade in business, Organo Gold is coming close to capturing 1% of this several billion dollar market. Though Canadian-based, the company does distribute worldwide through a large network of individual sellers. They are tapping into the antioxidant market as well as products designed to boost immune system function. We know that many cancers and other diseases get their start through an off-kilter pH, which can often be precipitated by a lagging immune system, so anything that strengthens the immune system should likely be a part of every person’s diet.

Organo Gold is doing their homework in finding products that help us better enjoy a more healthy lifestyle based on what we already do. Bernardo Chua was already a successful entrepreneur in marketing and other business ventures when he started this thriving company. He has had great success and will likely experience the same with Organo Gold, which by all counts, is heading in the right direction.