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In the modern global economy, OSI Group is presently one of the biggest food distributors. They can be found in 17 countries, with over 20,0000 employees across 65 locations. The company began with humble roots on the Chicago street side, and quickly evolved under various leadership. There are a pair of recent online articles that detail the history of the company, and its current business ventures.

Starting with an article on Gazette Day, it describes how OSI Group has built up its brand over the last century. It all began in 1908 when Otto Kolschowsky opened a tiny butcher shop in Chicago. By 1928, the business had stabilized and was renamed to Otto & Sons. As time continued along, Urban Sprawl became to take shape in the 1940s and 1950s. McDonald’s also began to expand across the country. It was at this moment when Otto & Sons and McDonald’s formed a distribution partnership, which forever shaped the relationship of both companies and the global food system.

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An article with Chronicle of the Week describes the recent expansion of OSI Group into other markets. They recently acquired a dutch manufacturer and Flagship Europe in order to expand their reach in the region. While at the same time, opening a new plant in the Philippines to tap into the potential market. Their international presence is becoming more stable by the year. In the domestic market, they recently acquired a former Tyson Food plant in Chicago. Combined, each of these business moves ensures they can meet the demand of consumers near and far.

OSI Group is a classic example of a company going from a tiny store to a global empire. The original original owner saw early success, which fueled the growth in the post-war U.S. economy. They currently stand at the top of the global market with a network of companies that gets food around the world. The global food distribution system has been shaped by their presence.

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