Shiraz Boghani’s Vision for Splendid Hospitality Group

Wynn, Britannia, and Marriott are just a few famous hotels renowned through the world for quality of service and luxurious settings. Hold onto your hats because an innovative venture is closing in on the gap in five-star customer service.

Unlike large corporate-owned conglomerates, Splendid Hospitality Group offers an intimate experience far removed from that of sterile corporations. The organization is a privately owned hotel group located in the United Kingdom whose focus is strictly on improving the hotel experience for guests.

Splendid Hospitality Group is known for its sleek hotel design and a wide range of services for all income levels. Unlike corporate-owned hotel chains, this group is quick to respond to customer demands and embraces change in a never-ending effort to be the best. Visit

At the head of Splendid Hospitality Group sits chairman Shiraz Boghani whose commitment and determination to the organization has ensured the continued excellence of the hotel chain. Never satisfied with simply mediocre, this entrepreneur is determined to ensure the success and continued growth of the organization. His determination and skill are evidenced by the reward he won in 2016 as “Hotelier of the Year” at the Asian Business Awards banquet.

For nearly 20 years Shiraz Boghani has been slowly amassing a chain of independently owned hotels including Hilton London Bankside and the Grand Hotel and Spa in York. With his encouragement services have expanded, rooms became more luxurious, and the overall quality of stay at each location has grown exponentially.

Under Shiraz Boghani’s leadership, numerous projects have come to fruition. Holiday Inn Wembley unveiled a sleek and contemporary lobby this month sporting an around the clock coffee shop, visually appealing dining area, all day dining, and free Wi-Fi for guests. Read more on

A second project that is still in the works involves the Grand Hotel. They are opening a Grand Cookery School which will be open to the public by March of next year. This unique concept will offer mastery cooking classes and chef demonstrations for guests and people of all ages. Such a concept is new within the luxury hotel field and was just part of the continuing vision led by Shiraz Boghani to provide guests with an unforgettable hotel experience.

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