Gareth Henry Jamaican Badminton Player

Gareth Henry was born on 20th October 1977. He is a badminton player, a passionate activist on matters dealing with HIV/AIDS, LGBT, and social justice. After being tortured with threats, and homophobic violence in his native country he fled to Canada a city called Toronto. Historians experts put across that he came from a small town called St. Mary’s which is located on north coast of Jamaica. He never experienced any filial relationship with his father, and his mother was a teen when he was blessed with Gareth Henry. He started his high school education at his tender age. As a teenager, he felt so much glued and attracted to other boys.

He is a legendary badminton player. He accomplished on his Commonwealth Games on the year 2011, and on the year 2015, he finished Pan American Games. He has made tremendous achievement by making his team win a bronze medal at the 2018 Pan Men’s Championships team. He won the men’s doubles gold by partnering with Samuel O Brien Ricketts at the 2018 Caribbean Games, and Central American.

Ubuntu Biography Project says that he moved away from his family so that he could enjoy freedom. The reasons behind separating himself from his family are that he wanted to do his own things as an individual, enjoy self-pride, and feel the sense of authenticity. It is from here that his journey of gayism kicked off. He is a learned individual who is a bachelor holder of a degree in Social Work, and a master’s degree in Communications for Behavior Change and Social. He is a prodigious philanthropist who has supported human rights, non-governmental organization, and Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, (JASL), the most antic and gigantic AIDS organization.

Gareth Henry is combative in fighting hatred and discrimination in Jamaica and inspires the Jamaicans to be courageous and steadfast. He cherishes hanging out with friends and traveling. Gareth Henry is an icon of inspiration to his Jamaicans and to the men and women who aspire to be great leaders.

The Career of Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the president and founder of Renovia Inc. The individual went to the University of Miami and studied a bachelor’s degree in Business and Science. As a strategic leader, Beer works his way up through numerous job positions to the current post. As a philanthropist, the leader helps people through various difficult life situations. Beer worked as a business adviser of Miami University and a strategic consultant in ova Science. The individual uses much of his resources, money, and time to elevate the living standards of the community. Beer is the primary supporter and co-founder of the committee for compensation and audit committee for Minerva Neurosciences.


Recently, Marc Beer accepted $32 million donations in round B series and $10 million in venture debt to boost operations at Renovia. Beer qualifies in the usage of the current medical technology where he operates pharmaceutical devices to perform diagnostics. The core agenda of Beer is to come up with a way to diagnose, prevent, and treat urinary incontinence. More than 250 women in the whole world are living with the condition.


Early this year, the food and drug administrators accepted the usage of the first Renovia product referred to as Leva. Longwood Fund, an organization determined to support the healthcare sector, donated services to Beer in handling health issues. Other promoters of Renovia are the principal advisors from New York and Ascension ventures from Missouri. All the effort and support is to create grounds to launch a test for other four products from Renovia. Moreover, Beer intends to come up with a new type of Leva.


Marc Beer showed much appreciation for the support from different organizations and individuals. The primary focus of the leader is to create an advanced diagnostic system treating procedure to minimize pelvic condition among women. Beer embraces the idea of using strategic digital health platforms combined with the innovative technology to improve the services. The individual assured of emerging of new methods of treatment with the help of the current technology.


We now understand that a long-term solution is possible with a clear understanding of the pelvic disorder. Renovia determines to support pelvic health at all cost through various possible methods of treatment. The organization employs multiple strategies in treating, like data management, improved drug administration, and patient-based app technology.


Under his outstanding leadership skills, Marc Beer ensures that all patients receive proper attention and quality service. The individual addresses issues with effective immediately to give a satisfying service to the clients. Beer ensures that Renovia remains the leading firm in providing effective treatment procedures to fight pelvic floor disorder. Therefore, Beer dedicates to create the commitment to consistently serving people. The inventiveness of Beer makes the world as a whole a better place to live. Learn more :