Alex Hern: 25 Years Of Technology Success

His skills has remained as an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. Alex Hern has a career that is focused on early stage companies regarding the incubation technology companies. As co-founder and working as the director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs. This particular company is a search technology and powered by Yahoo, MSN and AO-. In addition to that, he is co-founder and director up Yesmail, which is a led IOP by Alex brown. The business focuses on web directory and email marketing. It entered the public spectrum and was acquired by CMGI, now called Modus-link Global Solutions. The deal was worth $650 million dollars nearly 10 months down the road. Alex Hern has another company he co-founded named Military Commercial Technologies. The company implements commercialization incubators that receive funding from Lockheed and L-3.

Hern is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer leading the professional team. To add to his resume, he is the director of Arcsight and co-founder for the company that is a cyber-security business. This organization was also capable of going public and selling it immediately to Hewlett-Packard for an astounding $1.5 billion. Alex Hern’s work continues as the director of Cloud Shield and also serves as it’s co-founder. The business is a network security company that was sold to another organization by the name of SAIC. Their focus is on large technology and operates as an engineering firm targeting commercial and government projects.

Alex Hern’s impressive career extends to owning Another board he has served on is called Zero Knowledge Systems which is now called Radio Point and operates as a security an encryption business. When asked where the idea for Tsuami came from, Hern states it came to him once realizing he entered into the transition from the CPU-driven computers to the current GPU-driven era that will most likely need software applications.

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