Betsy Devos and Education Reform Movement

Betsy Devos believes in what she fights for and has proven that she will continue to fight for what she believes is best even now that she is the education secretary in the United States. Although she is not well-loved by all sides, she has proven that she can bring some people together with her polite ways and her discussions that reach people on both sides of school issues. However, a closer look reveals that Ms. Devos still fights most for those issues that have always been close to her heart.


Ms. Devos is married to Dick Devos, who was born into wealth and is also a rich man through his own means. Over the years, the Devos’s have donated thousands of dollars to causes that are most important to them. While the specifics of their contributions were not widely known for years, they have recently come to light, helping shed light on Betsy Devos herself.


In very early 2017, it was reported that Dick and Betsy Devos had donated almost $139 million to date to charitable causes. Plus, they had donated to political campaigns to a lesser extent. Charitable donations mainly went to causes that focused on education, providing a clear impression of what is most important to this family. According to Dick Devos, their giving has reflected their priorities.


It is certainly true that education has been a priority for Betsy Devos, and this is what helped her land her appointment as education secretary under Donald Trump. However, it is disappointing to her opponents when they see that she is not fighting for public education. Rather, she continues to fight for charter schools just as she did when she was still in Michigan.


This family has donated millions of dollars to charter schools and has helped build up the largest base of charter schools in the country in their Detroit neighborhoods. Additionally, Ms. Devos believes firmly in the necessity of letting parents choose where their children go to school whether that be a public, private, charter school or homeschool education.


The appointment of Betsy Devos was not without contention. Her hearings were filled with plenty of debates, and she was forced to admit that most students would continue to attend public schools despite anything she could do. Therefore, since her appointment, she has worked to bring the various sides together and promote educational unity throughout the U.S.


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