Nick Vertucci a Success Story in Real Estate Investment

Nick Vertucci, a success story in the realm of real estate investment, is now a best-selling author with his new book Seven Figure Decisions : Having The Balls to Succeed. The book; Seven Figure Decisions, is real life an account of the actual applied principles Nick used to gain financial success throughout his career. The steps to financial success noted in the book are to see it- envisioning a clear goal and the finished product, believe it- getting over the fear of failure and removing limits, map it- creating an actual doable plan that will work, and execute it- actually taking action and moving forward with the plan.

The story of Nick Vertucci, a rags to riches back to rags and again to riches tale, began with his humble background coming from a less that wealthy family struggling to make ends meet. At the age of 10 his father’s death cause even more financial woe for his family so after his 18th birthday Nick started his own business, with great success, specializing in the sales of computer accessories, however in the year 2004 the 2000s dot com crash abruptly ended his business and he was left in a financial crisis losing his home and gaining substantial debt. Instead of accepting this he used this failure as an opportunity and took a large risk, in changing direction in his career, enrolling in the Real Estate Academy.

Over the next 10 years Vertucci had a successful career in real estate investment. Later, in the year 2014, moving on to launch the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA); the best real estate training academy in the industry. Nick, now a professional real estate investor, is the CEO and founder of many companies involved in helping people in the real estate investment field with years of experience.

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