Securus Technologies: A Leading Authority in Corrections Management

Securus Technologies, the company known for its inmate management systems, is growing again. The company is based in Carrollton, Texas and has 30 years’ experience in the business. Its internal customers recognize the company for their monitoring services, which makes their jobs much easier. For external customers, the company provides affordable solutions to stay in touch with loved ones. Because of their growth, Securus has acquired numerous companies over the years. The most recent acquisition is GovPayNet. This company has over 20 years’ experience. It provides payment solutions for governmental agencies. With both companies serving thousands of agencies, and millions of customers, a partnership makes sense. JPay, another financial service company was also recently brought under Securus’ wing.


The three companies are all working on finalizing a monumental project. Wireless containment systems are used to detect and deter contraband cellular device communications in facilities. This has been a growing problem and has resulted in many crimes being committed. The technology operates as a cell tower within the facility. The call is unable to reach its intended network and is disconnected, immediately. No official statements or numbers have been published; however, those interviewed stated that the technology offers promising results. After finishing its testing phase, the technology is scheduled to be implemented in Securus operated facilities.


Securus Technologies has also made many achievements in customer service. Over 95 percent of customers are satisfied with the company. Securus also resolves nearly all concerns in a single call. These numbers are impressive, especially for such a large company. Recently being rated an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau, the company strives to continue excelling. Full accreditation by the BBB also shows that the company takes its ethical responsibilities seriously. It’s not surprising that Securus Technologies is now viewed as an authority figure in the world of corrections.


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