Heiligenstein Talks about the MoPac Project; A Significant Mobility solution

In a recent article addressed to the American-Statesman, Heiligenstein said that he agrees with their editorial. In it, the Statesman said multiple resources were needed to solve the mobility problems of the central Texas region.

How He Solves Mobility Problems

Through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Heiligenstein builds mobility solutions all the time. Sometimes these solutions are roads and sometimes they are not. For instance, he cited the 183A, a Toll Road that was built in Cedar Park and Leander.

The road has helped to transform the community, which has been experiencing exponential growth. He also mentioned a toll road between Austin and Manor. That road improved the non-toll roads while tripling the capacity that the previous road could handle.

His Opinion about the Mobility Authority and the MoPac Project

According to Mike Heiligenstein, the core responsibly of the Mobility authority is to innovate. The MoPac project is part of that innovation. It will use technology to manage traffic flow in the region.

However, he admits that the project will not be enough to eliminate congestion in the region. In spite of that, the technology will allow them to synchronize supply and demand so that traffic flow becomes predictable. The MoPac Express Lane will thus be designed to always be moving even when traffic has slowed down to a crawl during rush hour.

Technology as a Mobility Solution

According to Mike Heiligenstein, they incorporate technology into their project when they can into their projects. The plan to embed fiber lines into the roads, in anticipation of a day when cars will be able to talk to roads.

The Mobility Authority has partnered with a tech company to create a traffic app that works in tandem with the traffic monitoring system. That way, commuters can get real-time alternative routes.

Additionally, they are working with another company on an app that encourages carpooling. According to Mike , this was prompted by data, which shows that there are over 900,000 empty car seats daily in Austin.

Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent agency that was formed with the aim of solving the transportation problems of Travis and Williamson counties. They aim to be as innovative as possible in coming up with solutions.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein, who is the Executive Director, heads the Mobility authority. It can seek funds via means such as issuing bonds, taxes, and user fees to fund its operations and to repay bonds.

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