Hussain Sajwani: A Man With Committed Ventures In Real Estate To Philanthropy

Hussain Sajwani is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the Middle East with quality services in real estate industry with his DAMAC Properties. He is also a well-known face with his philanthropic contributions and activities. Hussain Sajwani started his real estate ventures from the mid-90s when Dubai saw a market expansion.

He built several hotels across the country to tap the benefit of growing demand. With his early success and experience in real estate industry, Hussain Sajwani further expanded his ventures and founded DAMAC Properties in 2002, and in another couple of years, it grew as one of the biggest property development firms in the Arab World.

DAMAC Properties provides luxury private real estate services in the Middle East, and it has delivered 17,900 homes until the date with additional 44,000 units is in development stage including planning. Hussain Sajwani led the firm to collaborate with Italian fashion houses such as Fendi and Versace, hotel projects with Paramount Hotels, luxury villas with Bugatti, and more.

The developer also launched its hospitality division in 2011 called DAMAC Maison to service as the bespoke of at least 15,000 serviced hotel apartments and rooms. Interestingly, this made the developers the largest hotel developers and operators in the region. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Hussain Sajwani also keeps an excellent business and personal relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. Their relationship started when DAMAC Properties worked with Trump Organization to construct Trump International Golf Club with luxury villas.

The relationship even continued with the family members and Hussain was even personally invited to the New Year – 2017 party conducted by Donald Trump after he was elected as the President of U.S.

Hussain Sajwani is also a prominent face in philanthropy and known for supporting local communities with funds, support, guidance, etc. He regularly contributes big chunks to assist the struggling mass of the society, and he looks for the broader region than any specific location.

For instance, Hussain contributed two million AED to supply clothing and warmth to the deprived children in 2013. The amount was sufficient to help at least 50,000 children around the world. Sajwani likes to follow the latest trends in various architectures and designs.

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