Get Your Wine On With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 and the goal of this company was to make wine tastings less “stuffy”. Today, this company has more than 1,000 wine guides in more than 40 different states. There are three different wine categories: white, red and sweet and fizzy. In these categories, there are twenty-one different varieties. The guest satisfaction rate of these wines is an astounding 98%!

This company works so well because not only do Americans absolutely love their wine, it is a consumer product so everyone will always need more! At home parties, there is almost always wine being sold. Everyone loves drinking wine, especially free wine. You can invite however many people you want over for a free wine tasting night and you will be sure to get plenty of sales!

There are so many benefits from working for Traveling Vineyard. Not only is it easy to make money, like was talked about above, there is also no pressure. You are able to work as much or as little as you would like. There are no sales quotas that need to be met and there are no consequences if you don’t sell enough. You can just set up your own hours and work when you feel like it, making as much or as little as you need or want to.

There are many pictures up on the Facebook page of The Traveling Vineyard that shows so many people having fun! The company is very family and friend oriented and just wants their wine guides to have a good time and enjoy themselves, make friends and be able to help take care of their families. Not many people seem to know about them yet, which makes it a great company to join right now before they get very large and everyone is a member!

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