Donald Trump and the Wikipedia Dilemma

Wikipedia encountered some trouble with their page on the President of the United States in the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration. There seemed to be some confusion as to just when the page should change from President Obama to President Trump and switched between the two names several times. As Wikipedia is a crowd-source encyclopedia, it would seem that the problem was simply one of politically charged individuals trying to assert their own opinions into the matter.
While it is true that anyone can write or edit an article, there are strict guidelines for doing so. Wikipedia also has a large number of editors who spend their time reviewing Wiki edits and articles for accuracy. Wikimedia, the foundation that funds Wikipedia, recently created an artificial intelligence to asses all of those additions to Wikipedia. And there are many articles under a special category where only certain editors have permission to edit the page. So the President debate should have been easily resolved, but instead flipped back and forth approximately eight times.
There are many benefits to having a wikipedia page for subjects, people, and especially businesses. Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website on the internet. But creating and maintaining an up to date page isn’t always easy; the information needs to be verifiable and the writer needs to have an account. Get Your Wiki has all the knowledge, skills, and experience to create these pages hassel free.

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